Hooplovers Online Course Guide

Not sure what Hooplovers.tv course is best for you? Here is a quick guide to help you make the right decision.

Are you a total beginner? Try these

28 Day Hooper's Starter Pack:
This is the ideal step by step pack designed to take you from total beginner to well beyond. Foundations, tricks, transitions, techniques that you can learn at your own pace. All the fun and fitness of hooping.

Flow Classes for Total Beginners:
This course is designed for total beginners but is delivered in a class format. You get 4 full-length classes, you will be learning a new flow session each class. We will also go through a warm-up, coordination station, tricks and cool down each class.

7 Day Waist Hooping (free):
Start with this free course if you have never picked up a hoop before, or you tried and it didn't work.

10 Hoop Tricks for Total Beginners:
Try a few tricks and then move on to the 28 Day Starter's Pack

Want a little bit more of a challenge?

21 Day Shoulder Hooping Challenge:

Strengthen your on-body hooping with a focus on upper body (shoulder/chest/core) flow. 21 daily practice to get you feeling more open, aligned and strong in your shoulder hooping, your core strength and your freedom to dance inside your hoop.

21 Day Hoop Flow Challenge:

Perfect if you want to start blending tricks together and moving with more freedom. You will open a new hoop dance lesson and flow session every day for 21 days. Each day we will combine a range of tricks and transitions to strengthen your flow and confidence.

Want to share the Hoop Love? Become a teacher.

Like to have lots of classes available to play anytime? Grab a bundle.

Hoop Dance Flow Classes Season 1 - 10

This bundle includes 44 classes plus playlists and extras. Each class includes a warm up, coordination station, flow session and tricks plus a cool down. You have access to all classes anywhere, anytime. You can learn and flow at your own pace.