Hoop Love Coach Training will open in early 2022.

Online training for hoop and movement teachers

What if you could have the most fun job in the world?

One that changes lives, brings joy and keeps both you and your students fit & healthy?

Take your dreams of becoming an inspiring, confident and skilled hoop teacher and turn them into a reality with the help of Deanne Love, Hoop Love Coach Training and a supportive team of Hoop Love Coaches from around the world.

The HOOP LOVE COACH training is the most comprehensive, practical, affordable and love-filled training available. It is the foundation for becoming a powerful, effective, and inspirational hoop dance teacher. 

Developed by HOOPLOVERS founder Deanne Love, it is filled with every insight, practical example, move and strategy she has cultivated while sharing the benefits of hoop dance with beginners and beyond around the world. It is designed to prepare you to teach hoop, build community, and gather abundance.

Whether you want to teach hoop dance for the love of it, for some extra income or to make it your career; Hoop Love Coach training gives you all the tools and supports you need to grow your hoop community and prosper as an inspired and confident hoop dance instructor.

To decide if this comprehensive, online training is right for you please watch the video above. Then scroll down to find more information, FAQ, meet some other Hoop Love Coaches, see the full curriculum and find payment plan details at the bottom.

In this training you will learn how to :

  • Create your own unique hoop dance classes, workshops, and events
  • See teaching hoop dance as an art form and a lucrative career option
  • Skyrocket your confidence
  • Transform your lifestyle
  • Create your vision and make it a reality
  • Tap into your unique talents and use them to your advantage
  • Sharpen your leadership skills
  • Support students of all levels and age groups
  • Kickstart or strengthen your journey as a HOOP LOVE COACH
  • Bring joy and energy to every hoop dance gathering
  • Master the foundations of the HOOPLOVERS Beginners & Beyond tricks, transitions, and techniques
  • Learn the tricks of the hoop making trade
  • Enhance your intuitive teaching skills for multi-skill guidance
  • Understand how to create abundance in your life

Your online Hoop Love Coach training includes:

  1. 100 Beginners & Beyond video lessons including on body, off body, transitions, and twins tricks with troubleshooting and teaching tips for each lesson. These will not only help you to improve your own hooping skills but will guide you to be ready to confidently teach all of these hoop skills.

  2. 8 x 1hr example HOOPLOVERS classes led by Deanne Love including warm up, tricks, transitions, techniques, sequences, playlists, dance activities, and cooldowns. Exact examples that you can use to plan and teach your hoop classes, workshops or parties.

  3. Done for you written class pans for a 4 week, 6 weeks, or 8-week hoop course

  4. 1hr example specialty hoop workshop with written plan ideal for festivals, master classes, corporate gatherings

  5. Easy-to-use lesson/workshop/class planning tools

  6. 40 Hoop Flow Sessions (choreography) for all levels. Use these exact examples in classes, workshops, parties and online marketing. These can be used for fitness, dance flow or as fun hoop choreography to teach to your students.

  7. Certificate of completion. upon completion of your Hoop Love Coach Training online course, you will receive a certificate of completion to use when applying for gigs, at studios or online.

  8. Become a Hoop Love Coach affiliate. After completing Hoop Love Coach Training you will be invited to become a HLC Affiliate with the ability to earn passive income on your website or through events.

  9. Access to Hoop Love Coach group forum. Endless support. Get the support you need from hundreds of Hoop Love Coaches around the world. Daily discussions, feedback, and ideas flow through this very active and positive group. This is one of the greatest benefits of completing the course, having the continued support as you go out and launch your lifestyle as a hoop teacher.

  10. All videos and files are downloadable and streamable for easy access anytime. You have 24/7 lifetime access to all resources in this training, even after you complete the course.

  11. Free listing on Hoop Love Coach directory upon completion of course to market yourself, your classes and workshops.


“Completing HLC training gave me the confidence to actively pursue teaching. Initially, I didn’t think I was good enough to teach or know how/where to even get started. The training taps into a lot of self-examination that leads to discovery and focus on your unique offering. What I found helpful from the HLC training was the endless ideas and resources included in the training which were great for getting started, but the continued support and inspiration even years later are incredibly rewarding. ”

Hoop Love Coach, Hamilton, NJ USA

Angela Reitter

“The HLC teacher training has given me not only tricks but sooo much more. New paths have opened up, new contacts and new hoop friends. I decided to be brave and go my own way and now it feels so real and good. I have so many ideas and I love to do all this and share my hoop love. This teacher training has been so helpful because it includes all you need to start, the community of all the teachers is sooo great. Thank you so much for your support and all your time.”

Hoop Love Coach, East-Switzerland

Sabine Frener

“"Before joining any class whether in-person or online, I look for the following : the teacher's style to make learning fun and excitable, how the teacher breaks down instructions that make seemingly complicated moves doable, undaunted & simpler, how the content is structured and stitched together to build up on previous lessons and make it a progressive learning rather than the program being scattered and all over the place, and the quality of the online materials matter - the way the videos are shot, the angles taken so you can see the moves, HLC did all that and way more. "”

Hoop Love Coach


Course curriculum

  • 01

    Preparation Pack

    • Welcome to Hoop Love Coach training

    • Prepare to Change Lives

    • Join the HLC 2021 October Support Group

    • Reverse Bucket List

    • Download Reverse Bucket List PDF

    • Getting to Know You

    • The Lowdown : T&C's of Hoop Love Coaching

  • 02

    1. Setting Up for Success

    • Before You Start

    • Your Special Sauce

    • Audio Download: Your Special Sauce

    • Your Special Sauce : Print Out Questions

    • Creating Your Brand

    • Audio Download: Creating Your Brand

    • Creating Your Vision

    • Audio Download: Creating Your Vision

  • 03

    2. Tricks, Transitions & Technique

    • 100 Trick Check List


    • 1. Waist Hooping

    • 2. Waist Stop the Drop

    • 3. Pivot

    • 4. Turning

    • 5. Stepping

    • 6. Arms & Hands

    • 7. Scooping

    • 8. Breaks

    • 9. Break & Turn

    • 10. Waist to Hips

    • 11. Waist to Chest

    • 12. Waist to Shoulder

    • 13. Hip Hooping

    • 14. Chest Hooping

    • 15. Shoulder Hooping

    • 16. Waist to Knees

    • 17. Knee Hooping

    • 18. Kick Out

    • 19. Kick Up

    • 20. Neck Hooping

    • 21. Shoulder Hooping w Arms

    • 22. Shoulder Breaks

    • 23. Knees to Waist

    • 24. Vertical Waist Hooping

    • 25. Vertical Shoulder Hooping

    • 26. Vertical Breaks

    • 27. Barrel Roll

    • 28. Duck Out

    • 29. Hand Spin

    • 30. Spin Breaks

    • 31. Prayer Hands

    • 32. Propellor

    • 33. Propellor Breaks

    • 34. Can Can

    • 35. Behind the Back Pass

    • 36. Mandala

    • 37. One Hand Mandala

    • 38. One Hand Isolation

    • 39. Two Hand Isolation

    • 40. Folding

    • 41. Linear Isolation

    • 42. Linear isolation Turn

    • 43. Pulsing Isolation

    • 44. Forwards Weave

    • 45. Backwards Weave

    • 46. Side Weave

    • 47. Elbow Hooping

    • 48. Elbow Pass

    • 49. Escalator

    • 50. Escalator Let Go

    • 51. Reverse Escalator (2 ways)

    • 52. Reverse Escalator Arm Wrap

    • 53. Body Wrap

    • 54. Booty Wrap

    • 55. Basic Toss

    • 56. Passing Variations

    • 57. Helicopter

    • 58. Low Lasso

    • 59. Whirlpool

    • 60. Step Through

    • 61. Horizontal Spin

    • 62. Horizontal Prayer hands

    • 63. Spin Stall

    • 64. Vortex

    • 65. Smear/ Orbit

    • 66. Isolation Barrel Roll

    • 67. Body Roll

    • 68. Hinge Off

    • 69. Horizontal Isolation Off

    • 70. Break & Hinge

    • 71. Spiral Up

    • 72. Neck Lift Off

    • 73. Knee Lift Off

    • 74. Vortex Off

    • 75. Horizontal Isolation On

    • 76. Spiral Down

    • 77. Vortex Down

    • 78. Weave Tap Warrior

    • 79. Weave Tap Throw

    • 80. Jump In

    • 81. Vortex Jump In

    • 82. Neck Drop Off

    • 83. Knee Drop Off

    • 84. Hinge Transition

    • 85. Hinge Tap On

    • 86. Passing Halo Hinge

    • 87. Spin Stop Side

    • 88. Thumb to 4 Finger Transition

    • 89. Floor Kick Up

    • 90. Foot Flick

    • 91. Backwards Weave Jump Through

    • 92. 360 Weave

    • 93. Extension Twister

    • 94. Prayer Hands to Shoulders

    • 95. Pop In

    • 96. Twins Forward & Backwards Spin

    • 97. Twin Elbow Spin

    • 98. Twins Both Directions

    • 99. Double Weave

    • 100. Twin Isolations

    • Teaching Tips

    • Hoop Dance Techniques

  • 04

    3. Sequences to Support Flow

    • Introduction Video

    • Teaching Flow Sessions

    • 1. Hoop Love Body (Say My Name : Odesza)

    • 2. Hoop Love Body (Beautiful Liar : Shakira & Beyonce)

    • 3. Hoop Love Body (Say My Name : Destiny's Child)

    • 4. Hoop Love Body (Be Right There : Diplo)

    • 5. Hoop Love Body (We Found Love : Rihanna)

    • 6. Hoop Love Body (I Wanna Go - Britney Spears)

    • 7. Hoop Love Body (On the Floor : JLo)

    • 8. Hoop Love Body (Good for You : Selena Gomez)

    • 9. Hoop Love Body (Work : Kelly Rowland)

    • 10. Hoop Love Body (Whine Your Waistline : Danny T)

    • Playlist : Hoop Love Body

    • 1. Hoop Love Dance (Waist > Pivot 4 Points > Waist Breaks > Break & Turn > Break & Turn > Flip Off > Passing)

    • 2. Hoop Love Dance (Waist > Hips > Up ti Waist > Side Steps > Break & Turn > Horizontal Isolation Off > Horizontal Spin)

    • 3. Hoop Love Dance (Passing > Horizontal Spin > Turning > Prayer Hands > 2nd Hand > Turning > Horizontal Isolation Down > Waist)

    • 4. Hoop Love Dance (Passing > Twister > Whirlpool Breaks > Hinge Back & On > Waist Breaks > Hinge Off > Passing)

    • 5. Hoop Love Dance (Hand Spin > Spin Break > Prayer Hands > Hand Spin > Spin Break > Propeller > Rainbow Pass > Propeller Breaks > Can Can )

    • 6. Hoop Love Dance (Hand Spin > One Hand Mandala > Hand Spin > Spin Tap > Horizontal Spin > Low Lasso > Horizontal Isolation Down > Waist Hooping)

    • 7. Hoop Love Dance (Smear/Orbit > Isolation Barrel Roll > Folding Isolations > Spin Tap > Mandala > Swing to Front > Pulsing Popping Isolations > Side Weave)

    • 8. Hoop Love Dance (Swing Pull > Turn Weave > Tap Warrior Draw Back > Horizontal Isolation Down and Up > Horizontal Spin > Body Wrap/Hoop Hug)

    • 9. Hoop Love Dance (One Leg Can Can > Second Hand Fwd Weave > 2 Hand Fwd Weave > Linear Isolation Turn > Hinge Transition > 2 Hand Isolation > Smear/Orbit > Smear Breaks)

    • 10. Hoop Love Dance (Side Twirl > Horizontal Spin > Low Lasso Break > Serve Up & On > Waist Hooping > Fold Off > Hinge Fwd then Back )

    • 11. Hoop Love Dance (Back Frame > Linear Isolation > Front Frame > Flip Down > 2 Hand Mandala > Horizontal Isolation Down)

    • 12. Hoop Love Dance (Waist Hooping > Scooping > Waist Hooping > Shimmy Up > Shoulder Hooping > Neck Hooping > Neck Lift Off)

    • 13. Hoop Love Dance (Waist Hooping > Spiral Up > Passing > Step Through > Hinge Transition > Hand Spin > Fwd Weave )

    • 14. Hoop Love Dance (Fwd Weave > Skip Through > Tap & Pass > Float Up > Prayer Hands > Prayer Hands to Shoulder Hooping > Shoulder Hooping)

    • 15. Hoop Love Dance (Horizontal Spin > Spiral Down > Waist to Knees > Kick Out Balance > Knee Pick Up > Horizontal Spin > Low Lasso )

    • 16. Hoop Love Dance (Horizontal Spin > Drop Off to Neck > Neck Lift Off > Drop Off to Knees > Knees to Waist > Waist to Chest > Neck Hooping)

    • 17. Hoop Love Dance (Escalator Up > Horizontal Spin > Hinge Transition > Reverse Escalator Hip Pop > Step Through > Passing)

    • 18. Hoop Love Dance (Front Frame > Isolation Down > Turn to Fwd Weave > Extension Twisters > Pulsing Isolations)

    • 19. Hoop Love Dance (Rainbow Throw > Chest Roll > Mandala > Swing to Front > Floor Spin > Hinge Back and On > Waist Hooping > Shimmy Up)

    • 20. Hoop Love Dance (Body Wrap/Hoop Hug > Twister > Step Through > Passing > Vortex > Vortex On)

    • 21. Hoop Love Dance (Side Throw > Reverse Escalator Arm Wrap > Flip Off > Orbit/Smear > Isolation Barrel Roll > One Hand Mandala > Centre Isolation )

    • 22. Hoop Love Dance (Waist Hooping > Hip Hooping > Knee Hooping > Knees to Waist > Waist to Chest > Shoulder Hooping with Alt Arms > Shoulder Breaks)

    • 23. Hoop Love Dance (Hand Spin > Side Tap > Escalator Up > Hinge Transition > Reverse Escalator > Side Pose)

    • 24. Hoop Love Dance (360 Weave > Fwd Spin Side> Elbow Hooping > Fwd Weave > Tap and Frame > Folding Isolations)

    • 25. Hoop Love Dance (Behind the Back Pass > Behind the Back Pass to Mandala > Backwards Spin > Backwards Weave > Backwards Weave Jump Through > 2 Hand Isolation)

    • 26. Hoop Love Dance (Vortex > Hinge Transition > Reverse Escalator > Escalator Up > Horizontal Spin > Spiral Down )

    • 27. Hoop Love Dance (Body Wrap > Booty Wrap > Twister > Step Through > Vortex Up)

    • 28. Hoop Love Dance (Linear Isolation > Centre Isolation > Folding Isolation > Two Hand Fold Down > Iso Up > Centre Frame)

    • 29. Hoop Love Dance (Behind the Back Pass > Break > Hand Spin > Spin Break > Propeller > Can Can > Rainbow Pass > Linear Isolation Turn)

    • 30. Hoop Love Dance (Waist Hooping > Waist Breaks > Break Hinge > Vertical Breaks > Barrel Roll > Vertical Breaks)

    • Ending

    • Hoop Love Dance Flow Sessions Trick List

    • (PDF) Hoop Love Dance Flow Sessions Trick List Download

  • 05

    4. Crafting Classes, Workshops and Parties

    • The Process of Creating and Teaching Hoop Classes

    • Introduction of Classes

    • Week 1 : Class Plan

    • Class1

    • Week 1 Playlist (example)

    • Week 2 : Class Plan

    • Class 2

    • Week 2 Playlist (example)

    • Week 3 : Class Plan

    • Class 3

    • Week 3 Playlist (example)

    • Week 4 : Class Plan

    • Class 4

    • Week 4 Playlist (example)

    • Week 5 : Class Plan

    • Class 5

    • Week 5 Playlist (example)

    • Week 6 : Class Plan

    • Class 6

    • Week 6 Playlist (example)

    • Week 7 : Class Plan

    • Class 7

    • Week 7 Playlist (example)

    • Week 8 : Class Plan

    • Class 8

    • Week 8 Playlist (example)

    • Workshop Plan

    • Workshop

    • Extra Class Ideas

    • Warming up Intro

    • On Body Warm up

    • Off Body Warm up

    • Stretch

    • Wrap up

    • Example of Class Planner : Download

  • 06

    5. The Art of Teaching

    • Fabulous Facilitation

    • Audio Download: Fabulous Facilitation

    • Supporting Diversity

    • Audio Download: Supporting Diversity

  • 07

    6. Hoops!

    • Hoop Making

    • Making VS Buying

    • Pricing Your Hoops

    • Pricing Your Hoops

    • Hoop Materials

    • Hoop Materials

    • Hoop Pipe Sizes

    • Hoop Pipe Sizes

    • Hoop Making Equipment

    • Hoop Making Equipment

    • Hoop Math

    • Hoop Making Mathematics

    • Selling Hoops

    • Selling Your Hoops

    • Taping Hoops

    • Hooplovers Meets Hoopologie

    • Hoop Making University

  • 08

    7. Creating Abundance

    • Making Connections and Money

    • Audio Download: Making Connections and Money

    • Strategic Abundance

    • Audio Download: Strategic Abundance

    • Pricing Your Offerings

    • Audio Download: Pricing Your Offerings

  • 09

    8. Bonus Resources

    • Bonus : Inspiration and Connections

    • Bonus : Class Punch Card

    • Bonus : Email & Class Form Templates

    • Bonus : Hoop Order Templates

    • Bonus : Hoop Order Template 2

    • Bonus: 6 Design Hoop Class Planners

  • 10


    • Message from Deanne Love

    • Hoop Love Coach Directory

    • Join HLC Affiliate Program

    • HLC Assessment (optional)

    • Hoop Love Coach Certification

  • 11

    Expand Your Online Circle

    • Part 1 Creating a plan

    • Part 2 Creating your content

    • Part3 Saving time Turning Up to the party on time Scheduling

You will receive online access to:

  • Online Training

    Hoop Love Coach training is an online course created for you to stream and download at anytime. You have access to all content anytime you have an internet connection or open your downloaded files.

  • Stream & Download 24/7

    The easy to use online classroom gives you the ability to download or stream all videos and written material on to any computer or mobile device.

  • Learn at your pace

    Hoop Love Coach training is a 12 week course but you have the freedom to learn at your own pace and unlimited lifetime access to all course content.


  • Are there payment plans available?

    Yes you have two options. 2 x $225 3 x $165 If you go to the bottom of this page you will see the options.

  • How will I access the training?

    Hoop Love Coach training is completely online. You can download or stream any of the content. Hoop Love Coach training is an 8 week course however you have 12 weeks to complete all of the modules to get your completion certificate. You will be supported along this process however you can choose to take it at your own pace. When you sign up for the HOOP LOVE COACH training you will automatically have access to a preparation package. The preparation package will give you all the details you need to know about getting ready for the course. Once the training begins you will have access to all content including posts, videos, and downloads. For 8 weeks you will receive a weekly guidance email helping you through your Hoop Love Coach training. After that 8 weeks you will have some time to complete your Hoop Love Coach training modules. This course has been developed in such a way that you will progress through the modules and go from strength to strength with your personal and professional evolution. You will have support along the way and access to all content after the 12 weeks is over.

  • How long do I have to complete the Hoop Love Coach training?

    You have 12 weeks from your start date to complete your Hoop Love Coach training. The first 8 weeks will be guided training step by step. After the first 8 weeks you will have a further 4 weeks to complete the modules. Upon completion of the training you will receive your Hoop Love Coach certificate and access to future support.

  • I have not been hooping for very long but I really enjoy it. Do you think I should take the Hoop Love Coach training?

    Teaching and sharing is a great way to help you grow as a hooper. However it is advised that you have hooped before, know some foundation moves and have a desire to share hooping. In the Hoop Love Coach Training, you will have access to learning all foundation moves and transitions as well as Flow Sessions. It is likely that you will be teaching beginner hoopers to start with and offering the skills that are your strengths. Teaching hoop dance is more than just showing people how to do tricks. Hooplovers classes include dance warm-ups, fun activities, tricks, transitions, flow sequences, playtime and cooldowns. These are all mapped out in the training but are also open for you to add your unique twist.

  • I am already teaching hoop dance in my community. How will this help me?

    This course has not only been packed with the powerful learnings from Deanne’s 15 years as an educator, her marketing and business superpowers, and her hoop dance passion, but it is created to provoke change, evolution, and personal growth.

  • Do you need certification to teach hoop dance?

    Hoop Love Coach training has been designed as more than just a certification course. You will be guided to explore your unique offering, mentored to build your own confidence, supported to offer the highest level of facilitation and hoop teaching to a diverse range of hoopers. In addition, you will be connected to the most supportive, positive and conscious circle of hoop teachers ready to share business and teaching support! This training provides a certificate upon completion, but you are not required to pay extra licensing fees or pay to have your name on our website. We are excited to promote you as much as we can. We want to see you succeed. In short, no you don’t need a piece of paper to teach hoop dance. You will need support, guidance, a source of creativity, inspiration and like-minded support. You may require other certification such as first aid, insurance, and fitness training, depending on where you choose to teach and share.

  • What if I cannot finish the course in 12 weeks?

    The Hoop Love Coach training has been updated and crafted to allow time and space for learning, strength building and personal growth. If you cannot complete the Hoop Love Coach training with 12 weeks we recommend you get in touch with us hooplovers(at)gmail.com immediately.

  • What if I need extra support?

    You will be added to the Hoop Love Coach forum where you can ask and answer questions, get feedback and support. There is also an optional extra to book in for one on one support calls with Deanne Love.

  • Can you guarantee that I will get a job teaching hoop dance after completing this training?

    No, there are no guarantees in life, but this training has been carefully crafted to provide a detailed action plan for your success. Once you have completed the training you can set your own schedule, agreement and work as an independent contractor or set up your own classes. We make no guarantees about the income or abundance that you will receive after completing this training. However, we can say that if you follow through with all of the assignments and tasks it is highly possible to not only cover the cost of your course in a very short time period (maybe even one workshop!!) but completely exceed that goal. To give you an example of one weekly format that might work for you: 2 x 1 hour hoop classes (10 students @ $15ea) = $300 4 x hoops sold @ $30ea = $120 1 x 1 hour Hen’s party = $300 $720 per week This is just one of many examples and earnings can be lower or much higher than this. There are various models laid out in this training for you to try out. You will find the one that suits your lifestyle, schedule and profit goals. Marketing is key and we highly recommend that if you need powerful support to get yourself out there and market your classes for success that you enroll in “30 Days to More Students” as an added push. If you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch with us! We are here to help!


“Hoop Love Coach training gave me the courage I needed to put myself out there. I’ve always been somewhat shy and introverted but after gaining the skills and confidence with Deanne Love’s empowering way of teaching I finally was able to step out of my comfort zone and say, “Yes! I am a hoop teacher!”. I am forever grateful for the ability I now have to share with others the happiness that happens with the magic of hoops and movement.”

Hoop Love Coach, Washington USA

Joy Love

“I absolutely loved Deanne. Her accepting and patient attitude made me feel like I could achieve my goals. I also enjoyed her playfulness which made me want to continue to come back, again and again, to practice with her.””

Hoop Love Coach, Washington USA

Carlye Wilde

What Hoop Love Coaches are saying

“I utterly cherish the gifts and learnings I’ve gained from this course! With helpful business development and marketing tips, creative lesson ideas and teaching methods, and boundless amounts of encouragement and support, it feels like Deanne and Masao are right there cheering you on every step of the way to becoming an authentic and the best hoop dance teacher that you can become!”

Inner Circle Hooping


“I start the classes on July 14th and I am so excited and happily overwhelmed! LIKE AHHH! I am going to be teaching a hoop class, in a designated space, in my own community! Thank you Deanne Love for all of your awesomeness through out this course, and thank you ladies for all of your support! A few months ago this wouldn’t have even been on my radar…and now the universe just keeps surprising me with more and more hoopy goodness!”


Meg McCormick

“Hoop Love Coaching has totally transformed my whole life. I am so grateful that the universe delivered a sparkling Hooplovers email to me at just the perfect time. A year ago I was drifting between odd jobs, and now my calendar is full of workshops, classes, and events. I always knew what I wanted, but since discovering Deanne’s program I have been given the tools, and therefore the confidence to follow my dreams and make them a reality. I am so blessed to have the opportunity and support to share my hoop love with EVERYONE!! Thank You Hooplovers!”

Small Tribe

Heather Davies

“The Hoop Love Coach training is exactly what I was looking for. Before I started this training I felt lost and was lacking focus and confidence in all aspects of my hoop teaching and training. The Hoop Love Coach training covered not only class dynamics but the whole buisnsess aspect too. There wasn’t a stone left unturned. It covers it all. Thru this program I gained the confidence I needed, as well as the tools I needed in my class and buisness. Deanne Love is a remarkable teacher and mentor who is personable, with a contagious personality. I am so grateful to her and also grateful that I took the leap of faith and landed as a Hoop Love Coach.”


Carron McCabe

“I am feeling so encouraged and excited. I have a whole new blast of confidence when I’m teaching. I love the structure my classes have now with a more defined warm up and cool down. I’m getting great feed back from my students regarding the fun combos and flow sessions. People are excited to hear that I am “HoopLoveCoach” certified and I feel honored to be so.”

Hoops of a Feather

Abs Marie

“The Hoop Love Coach training is a unique experience. It gives you all the tools you need to become a great hooper, an amazing hoop teacher and a self confident person. It makes you see hoop dance as a way of everyday life and helps you communicate the best part of yourself with your students and the hoop community. It is a gift to yourself that makes you realize that the right time is now!”