Join this live creative hoop workshop and enjoy the recording, bonus classes & playlist at your own pace

Ideal for hoopers looking for new creative combinations

As hoopers we often become "trick collectors" learning many moves. This is incredible and important but can leave us stuck on tricks alone.

Join me for this 90-minute workshop where we engage with and enhance your hooping flow by creating combinations that allow us to be more playful, free and expressive with our hoops.

You will learn to combine tricks, transitions and techniques as we learn a huge range of hoop combos.

You will receive a bonus tricks class that breaks down all of the tricks that we will be using in the workshop. 

You will receive a bonus transition class that breaks down all of the transitions we will use. This will also be a great inspiration for creating your own hoop combinations.

You will receive a bonus class of hoop combos that will recap the hoop combinations covered in the workshop as well as many extra combos for future inspiration. You can learn these at your own pace. 

Live Workshop Times & Dates

Both workshops will be the same. You will also receive a recording if you cannot make it to either time.

  • Workshop 1

    Sunday October 24 | 11 am Brisbane, Australia

    New York | 9pm Oct 23 Sat
    San Fran | 6pm Oct 23 Sat
    Sydney | 12 noon Oct 24 Sun
    Auckland | 2pm Oct 24 Sun

  • Workshop 2

    Sunday October 24 | 6pm Brisbane, Australia

    Sydney | 7pm Oct 24 Sun
    Berlin | 10am Oct 24 Sun
    London | 9am Oct 24 Sun
    New Delhi | 1:30pm Oct 24 Sun

Learn how to combine a wide range of tricks for smooth & creative flow. We will be exploring a variety of hoop combos plus learning how to get creative and make your own unlimited combos.

Live workshop + recording + bonus classes + playlist

What's included?

Creating Combos gives you unlimited access to the workshop (or recording if you miss it), bonus classes and playlist

  • Invitation to the live workshop times and recording of the workshop so you can revisit it anytime.

  • Bonus class: Hoop Tricks for Combos. A break down of all the tricks we will be using in the hoop combinations. You can learn these before coming to the live workshop or use them at your own pace.

  • Bonus class: Hoop Transitions for Combos. Transitions are the pathways between the tricks. They ignite flow and help to blend tricks into combo or sequences. This bonus class will break down the variety of transitions we will be using in the workshop.

  • Bonus class: Combo Recap + Extras. In this bonus class you can revise each of the combos and explore a some extra hoop combinations to play with.

If you loved the Creating Combos series on the Hooplovers YouTube Channel then you are going to be super inspired by this workshop and bonus classes.

Create endless hoop combinations for flow and freedom in your hoop

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Live Workshop Invite

    • Zoom links for live class

  • 02

    Tricks for Combos

    • Try these 15 tricks to prepare for the combos

  • 03

    Workshop Recording

    • Workshop 1 Recording

    • Workshop 2 Recording

  • 04


    • Creating Combos playlist


  • What level is this workshop?

    This workshop is created with beginners to beyond in mind. It will not include advanced tricks however all combos can be modified to include variations. If you are new to hooping or getting back into it then you will find the bonus class of Hoop Tricks and Hoop Transitions very helpful to support you.

  • Why is it only $11 AUD?

    I want to make this workshop + bonus classes accessible. I want you to join us. Come and learn some fresh new moves! 11 AUD is about 8 USD and 7 EURO. The currency will be converted automatically in the secure payment process. And the conversion rate may vary slightly due to global currency conversion rates at the time of purchase.

  • What if I can't make the live workshop?

    No problem! Time zones are tricky and schedules are tight.

    I will share the 90 min workshop live on October 24 (Brisbane, Australia) but you will also have access to the professional recording so you can do the workshop at your own pace (some hoopers prefer that style)

    You will also receive bonus classes. You can access these anytime to learn at your own pace.