What hoopers are saying about hooplovers' courses

I am 57 years old. Have danced all my life, and am still doing so. Have 2 stage productions coming up in January. I also rollerblade regularly, kayak and paddleboard. I have always been active, and will continue to do so, as long as I live. I just discovered hoop dancing 5 months ago, and am thrilled to have found a fun, "easy" exercise that I can carry over into my later years with minimal negative impact. I've known for some time that rollerblading at my age (I dance on my skates too!) is risky, but hate to give it up because it is so fun to dance at 8-10 MPH!! Now at least I know I have another activity that can fulfill my dance expression needs when I retire my skates! :)))
Tina Cetrone

The training's Deanne are exceptional, very pedagogical, structured, truly human. You can go there with closed eyes because Deanne is very present and take care of you through its program. Thank you Deanne, you are a very beautiful person.

Deanne Love's 21 Day Shoulder Hooping Challenge was an amazing experience! Her daily classes are in easy to handle, short videos, packed with true gems of information to help you figure out how to break through your barriers! Her style of teaching is encouraging and down to earth. She laughs along when she knows you might be feeling awkward and lets you know not to worry, but it's all part of the journey. I'm so excited to be improving and hope Deanne offers many more challenges like this one. If you want to learn to shoulder hoop, this is the class to take!
Gina Stewart

A wonderful experience for anyone wanting to get a better handle on the craft of hoop flow. Great for beginners and intermediate hoopers wanting to get better skills. Hope Deanne does more of these.
Joanna Ventura

This was a great journey! I never realized there were so many things to consider in order for the shoulder hooping to be smooth. Deanne breaks down every detail and pinpoints potential problems and their solutions. I am very proud of the progress I made throughout the 21 days!
Geneviève H

I am over the moon with the progress I have done over the last 3 weeks in the 21 Day Shoulder Hooping Challenge! I can now shoulder hoop without rounding my back as much, opening my chest more with thanks to the added flexibility workshops, shoulder hoop on the spot without turning as much, and I am getting the hang of breaks as well! The challenge isn't over for me though, still have a long way to go before I am rocking it the way I would like, but having loads of fun on my journey there! Thank you Deanne Love for this challenge, and for helping myself and others through it, you are awesome!! And well done to everyone taking part in this challenge, I have had super fun looking at all your progress!
Nicola Brand - Scotland

I started this challenge wanting to learn how to shoulder hoop which I am doing really well now but was challenged with so much more!!!!, I started this challenge wanting to learn how to shoulder hoop which I am doing really well now but was challenged with so much more!!!!
Yvonne Cervantes

Deanne is amazing! So much love and support and good feels from here! Hooplovers has made hooping so fun for me! I feel like I am having constant breakthroughs!! <3
Rebecca Meussner

I recently started to learn to hoop and am so pleased to have found Deanne at the beginning of my hooping journey. Deanne is such a patient and thorough teacher of her craft, and I am sure that if I take her advice and keep on practicing, that I will see the results that I desire. Although not perfect, I am already able to 'shoulder hoop' - and am so excited to be able to already start incorporating these new moves into my daily hoop dance sessions at home and at the gym. The classes are so professionally filmed and presented, and it was a pleasure to be 'in class' each day to learn new skills. Thank you Deanne for doing such a fabulous job! I eagerly look forward to the next challenge!
Anna Sanders

I really appreciate this challenge ! Deanne guide us everyday with a her clean explanation and her infinite energy !
Ariane De Champlain

I found the 21 day shoulder hooping challenge fantastic. I have been hooping for 8 years and am able to shoulder hoop yet this challenge help me to smooth out my shoulder hooping with the horizontal to vertical hooping transition instruction. My barrel rolls are smoother too due to the way Deanne segmented the move into four steps including the footwork involved. I would recommend the 21 day shoulder hoop challenge to all skill levels.
Trish Humphries

Deanne Love's 21 Day Shoulder Hooping Challenge was amazing. I was able to progress leans and bounds from where I was initially over the course of the challenge. I learned so many new things, as well. So many breakthroughs were made for me.
Sam Zah 

Great length. Enough daily time, without being to long. Fun activities using various methods to achieve the final goal.
Melissa Fehrs

Deanne L