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I am 57 years old. Have danced all my life, and am still doing so. Have 2 stage productions coming up in January. I also rollerblade regularly, kayak and paddleboard. I have always been active, and will continue to do so, as long as I live. I just discovered hoop dancing 5 months ago, and am thrilled to have found a fun, "easy" exercise that I can carry over into my later years with minimal negative impact. I've known for some time that rollerblading at my age (I dance on my skates too!) is risky, but hate to give it up because it is so fun to dance at 8-10 MPH!! Now at least I know I have another activity that can fulfill my dance expression needs when I retire my skates! :)))
Tina Cetrone

The training's Deanne are exceptional, very pedagogical, structured, truly human. You can go there with closed eyes because Deanne is very present and take care of you through its program. Thank you Deanne, you are a very beautiful person.

Deanne Love's 21 Day Shoulder Hooping Challenge was an amazing experience! Her daily classes are in easy to handle, short videos, packed with true gems of information to help you figure out how to break through your barriers! Her style of teaching is encouraging and down to earth. She laughs along when she knows you might be feeling awkward and lets you know not to worry, but it's all part of the journey. I'm so excited to be improving and hope Deanne offers many more challenges like this one. If you want to learn to shoulder hoop, this is the class to take!
Gina Stewart

A wonderful experience for anyone wanting to get a better handle on the craft of hoop flow. Great for beginners and intermediate hoopers wanting to get better skills. Hope Deanne does more of these.
Joanna Ventura

This was a great journey! I never realized there were so many things to consider in order for the shoulder hooping to be smooth. Deanne breaks down every detail and pinpoints potential problems and their solutions. I am very proud of the progress I made throughout the 21 days!
Geneviève H

I am over the moon with the progress I have done over the last 3 weeks in the 21 Day Shoulder Hooping Challenge! I can now shoulder hoop without rounding my back as much, opening my chest more with thanks to the added flexibility workshops, shoulder hoop on the spot without turning as much, and I am getting the hang of breaks as well! The challenge isn't over for me though, still have a long way to go before I am rocking it the way I would like, but having loads of fun on my journey there! Thank you Deanne Love for this challenge, and for helping myself and others through it, you are awesome!! And well done to everyone taking part in this challenge, I have had super fun looking at all your progress!
Nicola Brand - Scotland

I started this challenge wanting to learn how to shoulder hoop which I am doing really well now but was challenged with so much more!!!!, I started this challenge wanting to learn how to shoulder hoop which I am doing really well now but was challenged with so much more!!!!
Yvonne Cervantes

Deanne is amazing! So much love and support and good feels from here! Hooplovers has made hooping so fun for me! I feel like I am having constant breakthroughs!! <3
Rebecca Meussner

I recently started to learn to hoop and am so pleased to have found Deanne at the beginning of my hooping journey. Deanne is such a patient and thorough teacher of her craft, and I am sure that if I take her advice and keep on practicing, that I will see the results that I desire. Although not perfect, I am already able to 'shoulder hoop' - and am so excited to be able to already start incorporating these new moves into my daily hoop dance sessions at home and at the gym. The classes are so professionally filmed and presented, and it was a pleasure to be 'in class' each day to learn new skills. Thank you Deanne for doing such a fabulous job! I eagerly look forward to the next challenge!
Anna Sanders

I really appreciate this challenge ! Deanne guide us everyday with a her clean explanation and her infinite energy !
Ariane De Champlain

I found the 21 day shoulder hooping challenge fantastic. I have been hooping for 8 years and am able to shoulder hoop yet this challenge help me to smooth out my shoulder hooping with the horizontal to vertical hooping transition instruction. My barrel rolls are smoother too due to the way Deanne segmented the move into four steps including the footwork involved. I would recommend the 21 day shoulder hoop challenge to all skill levels.
Trish Humphries

Deanne Love's 21 Day Shoulder Hooping Challenge was amazing. I was able to progress leans and bounds from where I was initially over the course of the challenge. I learned so many new things, as well. So many breakthroughs were made for me.
Sam Zah 

Great length. Enough daily time, without being to long. Fun activities using various methods to achieve the final goal.
Melissa Fehrs

Deanne Love's online courses are fantastic. They are thorough, concise, effective, fun and student-focused. They are well worth your time and investment.
Allison Sheppard

Perfect! I looked forward to the videos and found them to be long enough to make a difference without being overwhelming.
Faye Dorsey

There is not a bad thing to be said about Deanne and her teaching style. This is a woman who really loves what she does and loves to share it with other people.
Leslie Holstein

Not sure what to say here. Except you are an amazing person Deanne.
Vanessa Quinn

Let Deanne be your hoop guide!! She is there rooting for you every step of the way! As soon as you hear "Hey Hooper!" in her cheerful voice you're gonna be like "okay I got this, she's going to make it fun!!!"❤️
Angela Reitter

I have tried to learn shoulder hooping for 2 years, and just could not rid myself of the flop and drop of the hoop til I took this 21 day challenge. I learned so many tiny niggles of nuggets of info that put it all together for me. The encouragement and fun to share the experience with hoopers around the world was delightful. I am a 60-year-old hooper, so it is never too old to have fun and dazzle your ole friends with your hoop dance. It also has kept me younger, and that youthfulness has sprung from my soul just picking up a hoop and challenging myself to dance through life. The best instructor is Deanne Love as she is so methodical and teaches each move with concise descriptions of what that little circle is doing all the time as it goes around, and up and yes.... down..!! LOL! We all experience the down drops and beauty is we always pick it up and try it again. Keep hooping my hooping friends wherever you are, we have a unique language and a unique connection, even if we have never met. Hugs to all Ann
Ann Winter

If you want to learn how to hoop dance, there is no better online teacher than Deanne Love. The quality of her videos is unsurpassed by anything out there. I live in an area without any organized hoop dance classes or even private hoop coaches. With her videos, you will feel like she's teaching you directly, as if you were in the same room. I wouldn't be where I'm at with the hoop if it weren't for her videos.
Carol Date

I have found Deanne's tutorials to be some of the most helpful since I began hooping. Signing up for a challenge that focuses on what has been most difficult for me was a no-brainer. It turned out to be even better than I anticipated! The lessons were presented very logically, allowing the body to get used to the foundational requirements before delving into the more challenging aspects of shoulder hooping. I am walking away from this challenge feeling confident in my shoulder hooping. I now have an entire arsenal of drills and practices to continue moving forward and improve my flow. I cannot imagine a better shoulder challenge. Thank you Deanne and Masao!!!
Desiree Bullard Aureole Hoops 

Deanne Love's 21 Day Shoulder Hooping Course was a super positive experience! The course was well-organized from start to finish with steps to assist all levels of hoopers from beginning to advanced begin or improve their shoulder hooping technique. The course was comprehensive and jam-packed with easy to follow tips. The online format was expertly teamed with a Facebook group to share videos, seek advice and obtain immediate support from Deanne and other participants. I can't wait until a new online intensive!
Laurel Fleming Richie Shreveport Hoop Group

I have loved every minute of all the Hooplovers courses. My most proudest is completing the Hoop Love Coach course. Your videos are fantastic and inspirational. I have become are more confident all round hooper, teacher and performer. Deanne you are beautiful sharing woman who has given me so much fun, skills and confidence. Thank you! xx
Margaret Krajnc - Magdalena Whirly Bird

I loved doing the 21 day shoulder hoop challenge! I could already shoulder hoop but I missed the grace and ease Deanne shows in her hooping especially on my non dominant side. With all the valuable tips and techniques provided in a step by step program this is something I recommend to everybody! Beginner or advanced. I mainly used it to strengthen my non dominant side. I can now say both sides are equally good. Yayyyyyy!!!! Thank you Deanne!!!!
Sarah Roos 

This course has been amazing at increasing my skill and confidence, as much as it was challenging enough to frustrate me :) Deanne is great teacher - to be able to convey the message and the training online at this level is a great feat! Highly recommend!
Joy Dean

This is the best hoop learning experience I have had in my two years of loving the circle. The breakdown of body movement was invaluable.
Kathryn Godman

I am 52 years old and have been hooping for 11 months now. I don't get to hoop as often as a lot of younger people (college students and 20s) I see who are way better tha I am after only two months. I probably average 15-20 minutes a day of hooping., with work and "life". However this challenge really pulled things together and makes me feel like I have a nice repertoire of tricks. I'm using a big hoop - a 40 inch polypro -but I CAN SHOULDER HOOP, CHEST HOOP AND DO BREAKS!!!! I've learned all of this in roughly 40 days. I am really proud of myself and ecstatic.

I have been studying with Deanne for many years now. I completed her teacher training program. Her style of teaching is precise, comfortable, well rounded and supports growth of person, spirit as well as hoopdance and hoop practice. She is brilliant and heartfelt. She reaches into my spirit and supports my own inner style and growth. I am very thankful that Deanne does what she does. It's absolutely beautiful! Poetry in motion!
Jennifer sugarwoman

Perfect length, very doable and not too intimidating!
Michelle Harrison

I have achieved more than I thought possible with this course, I am so proud of my self and have enjoyed feeling part of something amazing. Deanne has brilliant insight, knowledge and skill and is very generous in teaching all she knows about the moves. Would definitely do another course and highly recommend any one considering it to go for it.
Charlotte Esau 

I have thoroughly enjoyed the 21 day shoulder hooping challenge. I can now shoulder hoop something that has always evaded me. Deanne is supportive and encouraging and great at explaining what you need to learn and in some cases unlearn. Thank you Deanne - looking forward to the next course.

Deanne's positivity, energy, and commitment to spreading the hoop love is not only inspiring, it's effective! You can tell that she works hard to bring us quality and ever-evolving content, and she has a real gift for fostering a connection between hooplovers around the world so that no hooper feels alone. She's so involved in every bit of the process, and it really shows. She breaks down tricks well, but she doesn't stop there. She gives you SO many tools to help you improve on every level from stretches, to workouts, to flow sessions, to troubleshooting tricks and hints, and more. Since I have been integrating Deanne's tutorials/workshops/challenges/reboots into my hoop practice, I have seen more improvement than ever. She really helped this aimless hooper learn how to make the process work for me so that I could get the most out of it and love every minute of it. I HIGHLY recommend any and all of Deanne's workshops and challenges. You will not regret it.
Brittany Hosay

As a new-ish hooper, living overseas and being in an area with hardly any hooping community, I can't name the number of times I have turned to Deanne for inspiration. I have learned most of what I know from her You Tube tutorials or her hooping classes. Her positive encouragement, even when I "am not quite there yet" and her "pinkie promises" not to give up on certain moves are invaluable. They always make me stick out the tough days or weeks until I finally have the break-through moment with my hoop. Much love and admiration to Deanne.
M. Hoeffel-Murphy 

Thank you Deanne for this brilliant challenge. I have loved every single minute of it, and I can finally shoulder hoop - something I never thought was possible. Before starting this challenge I had trawled YouTube for 'how to shoulder hoop' and tried so hard to copy any random technique, but failed every time. I used to frustratingly think I was someone who simply just couldn't shoulder hoop. Everyone made it look so easy so why couldn't I do it? As the days and lessons have progressed, following Deanne's clear explanations, something started to happen and I began to realise that I can shoulder hoop after all. Thanks for finally getting me into what I thought was the shoulder hooping holy grail! Looking forward to Deanne's next challenge - she really is the Queen of Hooping :)
Sally Yalden, UK

I was able to shoulder hoop, but for only a very short time before. The 21 days really helped me to build my strength and confidence and provided a huge variety of moves to practice and use in hoop dancing. Deanne is a great teacher and I would recommend this to everyone.
Glenna Frey

Smoothed out those wobbly bits! :-)
Claire Bader

I just completed Deanne Love's 21 Day Shoulder Hooping challenge. It was very rewarding, a lot of fun and yes, challenging. What I love about Deanne's teaching style is that she acknowledges the level of difficulty while encouraging us to try it anyway! I also appreciate that she provided tips and drills that I can do on my own for as long as I like. And finally, I love her warm and personal approach to teaching even as she was setting what for me has been a difficult challenge. I loved the course.
Annie Bowers

Deanne Love's 21 Day Shoulder Hooping Challenge has changed my practice in such a positive way! I would encourage anyone to try it, even if shoulder hooping is something you can already do. This challenge will connect you to your shoulder hooping more deeply than before, and give you new ideas about the movement of your own body.
Carey Coffin

I've found my love for hooping again! Deanne is a fabulous teacher, breaking things down into small, manageable pieces and explaining/demonstrating things thoroughly. The online class was well-organized, easy to navigate and accessible at all times. Even the challenging parts were fun! I'm ready for more. :)
Shelli Mosteller 

Before the 21 Day Shoulder Hooping Challenge: I was not fully comfortable hooping in public, I couldn't shoulder or chest hoop. After the 21 Day Shoulder Hooping Challenge: Me in spandex shaking it in public showing off my fancy new chest hooping moves. Thanks for liberating me Deanne, I am confident and comfortable in my body now and couldn't be happier. Hoop On,
Buffy Boyce 

The course was amazing. Deanne teaches in such a way that you get enough to practice without getting overwhelmed. I wasn't great at shoulder hooping before, but after this course I feel I have the confidence and enthusiasm to now master shoulder hooping.
Jenny Wood

This workshop was amazing! It was challenging, it was frustrating at times, and many a shin was hit (damn you, vertical breaks!) but as the days passed, I was surprised at the skills I was developing and how something that felt impossible at the start felt fun, smooth and beautiful. I'm so happy to have taken the challenge!
Chichi Nwokolo

I'm a 63 year old grandmother and have grown accustomed to my grown kids rolling their eyes when I say things like, "I'm going to run a 5K" or "I'm going to do the NYC Triathlon", or "I'm learning how to shoulder hoop". Checked off the first two 5 years ago, , but the third just happened this month! Thank you, Deanne Love for your beautiful, precisely presented, insightful, witty and most of all *practiceable* teaching style! I look forward to your next online teaching series; I'm a fan forever!
Nina Lovel 

What more could a hooper ask for? The challenge and bonus material covered everything on body from the neck to waist. Deanne was awesome, the Facebook group was supportive and the teaching style was superb! More challenges please!!!
Crystal Coates

I would definitely recommend this challenge! I successfully learned to shoulder hoop, and feel much more confident in my ability.
Jennifer Ho

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