Grab all 3 of the 21 Day Challenges

Shoulder Hooping, Twin Flow & Flow Experience

This bundle includes the 21 Day Challenges to give a full range of hoop learning and flow 

+ 21 Day Shoulder Hooping Challenge will have you feeling more open, aligned and strong in your shoulder hooping, your core strength and your freedom to dance inside your hoop.

+ 21 Day Flow Challenge includes 21 days of flow concept classes to support you to blend tricks together, improve your technique and amplify your unique flow

+ 21 Twin Experience, each day of the 21 day practice you will learn a new focus skill and a twin hoop sequence to flow and dance it out. This is designed to help you improve your hoop skills, your coordination and balance and find freedom and fluidity in your practice.

Unlimited access to all of the 21 Day challenges to stream or download at any time and repeat any sessions as many time as you need.

Get the support and guidance you need to find freedom, strength and flow in your hooping.