About 21 Day Hoop Flow Challenge

Join the 21 Day Hoop Flow Challenge and access your own unique hoop dance flow.

What you get:

  • 21 hoop dance flow concept lessons (daily video lessons taught by Deanne Love)
  • 21 hoop dance flow sessions with break down and slow mo (daily video taught by Deanne Love)
  • Unlimited access so you can repeat any of the classes or flow sessions anytime you need
  • Support from Deanne Love and Hooplovers around the globe
  • A chance to open up to new style, flow and freedom in your hoop
  • 21 Day Hoop Flow Challenge playlist to keep you flowing through your moves

Why do this challenge:

  • It will bring new movement, freedom and flow into your hoop dance
  • You will discover new strength, balance, and connection in your body
  • You will have a chance to explore hoop dance with Deanne Love and other hoopers (online) for 21 days and beyond
  • You will deepen your hoop dance practice
  • You will unlock the blocks between you and accessing hoop dance flow

You will open a new hoop dance lesson and flow session every day for 21 days. After the 21 days, you will have unlimited access to all 42 videos plus extra resources and videos provided by this challenge.

If you have been hooping for more than a couple of days you have probably heard about the concept of Hoop Dance Flow. There are hoopers all over the world "searching" for their hoop dance flow. But I have to wonder if we truly understand the meaning of flow. You see, flow is not something that we search for it is something that we access. But we need to get rid of the blocks before we can create a clear pathway.

There are three major block to hoop dance flow.

  1. Apathy : this is when you have accumulated a few hoop dance moves but your learning has kind of stalled and you are not quite sure where to go next so you are kind of doing the same moves over and over again.
  2. Boredom : this is when your skills are really improving but you don't really have any new challenges so you are stuck in a hoop dance rut.
  3. Anxiety : when the challenges appear really high and you feel like your skills are just not quite improving as fast as you would like so everything seems a bit overwhelming.

So here is how I propose that we overcome these 3 blocks and we access our hoop dance flow together. We go on a journey together. 21 days. Every day I am going to give you a concept lesson plus a fresh, new hoop flow session so that you can open up to new tricks, transitions and technique.

Let's call it the 21 day hoop flow challenge. And yes there will be challenges but you can go back over any of the lessons or flow sessions whenever you need and you will have extra support from me (a lot of it!)

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. A quick message from Deanne Love : Let's connect

    3. Hoops & Technology

    1. Making new space and variation in your hoop dance flow (horizontal isolation down)

    2. Flow Session 1

    3. Day 1

    1. Flowing on and off the body (serving up and on)

    2. Flow Session 2

    1. When the hoop drops (kick up from the floor)

    2. Flow Session 3

    1. Connecting with new contact points and movements (two hand isolation and smear)

    2. Flow Session 4

    1. How much space do you dare to take up? (Waist break and scoop)

    2. Flow Session 5

About this course

  • $37.00
  • 47 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

21 Day Hoop Flow Challenge

Access Your Unique Hoop Dance Flow