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This bundle is for the ultimate Hoop Lover who desires a solid foundation in hoop dance moves, wants to go next level with their hoop dance flow and wants to amplify their creativity in the hoop.

Grab the On Body Workshop($17), Off Body Workshop($37), Upper Body Workshop($37), Breaks Workshop($37), Escalator Combinations Workshop ($37) and the Flow Sessions Workshop($37). Learn over 150 hoop dance moves from beginner to well beyond with creative combinations, flow sessions and freedom to create your own style.

All lessons are downloadable and streamable, you can keep them for yourself or stream them when connected and learn at your own pace.

Online Training

Hoop Love Coach training is an online course created for you to stream and download at anytime. You have access to all content anytime you have an internet connection or open your downloaded files.

Learn from an Expert

With over 15 years experience as a professional teacher and almost a decade of movement facilitation Deanne Love is a leader in her industry and an inspiring mentor.

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The easy to use online classroom gives you the ability to download or stream all videos and written material on to any computer or mobile device.

Learn at your pace

Learn at your own pace and unlimited lifetime access to all course content.

Hoop Lovers Instructor Deanne Love

Deanne Love has launched a global revolution inside the hula hoop. Millions around the world tune in to learn from Deanne's fresh and passionately positive style of hoop dance instruction. The one time primary school teacher and creative founder of shares high energy live and online classes, workshops and performance-based hoop education. Her mission is to inspire global beings to find their true potential through movement and self-expression via hoop dance.

Deanne Love's desire to connect adults and children through dance, music and fun fuelled the creation of international hoop community Hooplovers. She now inspires hundreds of movement entrepreneurs around the planet to find their own path as successful hoop dance instructors via her Hoop Love Coaching program.

Strong in the art of streamlined instruction and intuitive facilitation, Deanne turns up the volume on the "feel-good-factor" as a focus of success for all level of hooper. She shares hoop dance as a delicious hot pot of tricks, transitions and technique. Harnessing both the flavours of individual style and collective energy, Deanne supports group diversity and the exploration of unique hoop stardom in all of her facilitation.


OMG....thank goodness for you tube and finding you on the tube. It changed my LIFE!!!! You are such an inspiration for me and flow hooping. You are the BEST. - Sherri ★★★★★
Deanne Love heart emoticon !! Your videos are the best . As a new hooper .you are my favorite on line teacher !!! Thank you THANK YOU for sharing your LOVE ! heart emoticon - Opal ★★★★★
I too, am a new hooper and you are my Hooping Guru and the best online teacher. Your passion and energy are contagious. Thank you for all you do in sharing the Hoop Love xx - Jane ★★★★★
YES! I found you on youtube and haven't left since! LOL. You definitely are my inspiration! Thanks for all the love luv! You rock Deanne! - Marilyn ★★★★★
You're videos are what got me into hooping! Ive learned so much from your tutorials and I can't thank you enough for all the lovely advice and motivation you've given me even if you didn't know it! - Melissa ★★★★★
When i took up hooping you were the one to really open my eyes to how amazing it is and what it could really be! You are so positive and upbeat in every video and every time someone talks to me about a good ab workout i always refer them to your videos! Happy hooplovers forever! - Serena ★★★★★
You and your youtube videos are the only reason I can do more than a few things with my hula hoop. If it wasn't for your videos I would still be lost and trying to find something to fill the void left in my heart from dance (lower back injury at the age of 18 devastated me). Thank you to the end of the universe and back for all the love and support you put into your videos and everything you do. Your beautiful soul has inspired me and many others; and I'm absolutely sure that you will continue to inspire and connect people via your love for hula hooping, your boundless energy, and your kind spirit. Congratulations on your Youtube collaboration!! May you always be inspired and an inspiration! - kitty.hooper ★★★★★
Most of all I love your energy and vibe. I love that you focus on the health and spiritual benefits of hooping. I've had a lot of health issues and can't do a lot of traditional exercise. even yoga can be to strenuous. Hooping is perfect for my particular needs. You were the one who made me realize I didn't have to be "cool" to hoop. I realized I could find a deeper part of myself in the circle and that it wasn't all about performance or others' expectations, only me. Thank you!! I always give thanks to you in my mind when I hoop and think about your words, especially when I "mess up" or get out of flow. - Stacey ★★★★★
Your YouTube videos helped keep sane when working a crazy job in Spain. I absolutely love your style of teaching, I aspire to follow your footsteps and teach in NZ. - Lucy ★★★★★

See a list of the moves in each workshop below.

On Body Workshop ($AUD17)

  1. Introduction to on body hooping
  2. Hooping Warm Up
  3. The foundations - Before You Start
  4. Hoop Drill 1
  5. Belly Breaks
  6. Stopping the Drop
  7. Hoop Drill 2
  8. Foot Work - Prepare to Dance
  9. Hoop Drill 3
  10. Arm Movements
  11. Hoop Drill 4
  12. Hip Hooping
  13. Knee Hooping
  14. Knee to Waist
  15. Vertical Waist Hooping
  16. Waist to Chest
  17. Chest Hooping
  18. Shoulder Hooping
  19. Hoop Drill 5
  20. Stretch and Cool Down

Upper Body Workshop ($AUD37)

The Foundations

  1. Warm Up
  2. Getting It Up
  3. Shimmy Up
  4. Chest Hooping
  5. Shoulder Hooping
  6. Neck Hooping
  7. Neck Chest Shoulder

Reaching Beyond Your Limits

  1. Transitions On and Off
  2. Vortex Off
  3. Neck Lift Off
  4. Prayers Hands To Chest
  5. Spiral Down to Shoulders
  6. Barrel Roll Turn
  7. Prayer Hands Lift Off
  8. Break Fold
  9. Basic Breaks
  10. Paddles
  11. Vertical Shoulder Hooping
  12. Barrel Rolls

Finding Your Flow

  1. Arms In & Out
  2. Duck Outs
  3. Basic Flow Sessions
  4. Power Drills
  5. Cool Down

Beauty in the Breaks Workshop ($AUD37)

Off Body Breaks

  1. Warm up
  2. Body Part Breaks
  3. Elbow Breaks
  4. Escalator Breaks
  5. Wedgie Breaks
  6. Knee Breaks
  7. Ankle Breaks

On Body Breaks

  1. Belly Breaks
  2. Pop In Belly Breaks
  3. Belly Pinch Breaks
  4. Wrap Breaks

Upper Body Breaks

  1. Shoulder Breaks - Hand to Hand
  2. Shoulder Breaks - The Other Hand
  3. Shoulder Breaks - Turning
  4. Shoulder Breaks - Vertical
  5. Shoulder Breaks - Transition
  6. Shoulder Breaks - Barrel Roll

Upper Body Breaks Variations

  1. One Hand Two Breaks
  2. Cup Breaks
  3. Up and Down Breaks
  4. Two Hands Up Breaks
  5. Inner Pinch Breaks
  6. Outside Bent Arm Breaks
  7. Long Arm Pinch Break
  8. Outside Elbow Breaks
  9. Break Pulses
  10. Basic Paddling

Beauty in the Breaks

  1. Break Patterns
  2. Dancing Through the Breaks
  3. Cool Down
  4. History and Innovation

12 Week Flow Session Workshop ($AUD37)

1 - 12 Flow Sessions with trick lists, weekly plans and extra support

40 Off Body Moves Plus Flow Sessions ($AUD37)

  1. HandSpin

  2. Side Spin
  3. Spin Breaks
  4. Propellor
  5. Propellor Breaks
  6. Extension Twister
  7. Can Can
  8. Behind the Back Pass
  9. Mandala
  10. Step Through
  11. Side step through
  12. Forwards Weave
  13. Backwards weave
  14. Side Weave
  15. Weave Can Can
  16. Two Hand Isolation
  17. One Hand Isolation
  18. Flipping isolation
  19. Pulsing, Popping, Sliding
  20. Linear Isolations
  21. Elbow Hooping
  22. Rainbow throw
  23. weave tuck throw
  24. Transitions ( Vertical to Horizontal)
  25. Passing
  26. Twister
  27. Horizontal Isolation
  28. Orbit Smear
  29. Isolation Barrell Roll
  30. Foot Flick
  31. Horizontal Spin
  32. Prayer Hands
  33. Low Lasso
  34. Whirlpool
  35. Basic Escalator
  36. Basic Reverse Escalator
  37. 2 Hand Lift Off
  38. Spiral Up
  39. Spiral Down
  40. Vortex

You will learn 5 sequences in this workshop

1. Hand Spin - Behind the Back Pass - Hand Spin - Transition - Horizontal Spin - Spiral Down - 2 Hand Flip Off

2. Weaves - Transition - Passing - Breaks - Twister/Helicopter - Passing - Horizontal Isolation - Waist Hooping - Spiral Up
3. 2 Hand Isolation - Orbit Smear - Isolation Barrel Roll - Hand Spin - Transition - Weave
4. Passing - Horizontal Spin - Prayer Hands - Horizontal Spin - Prayer Hands - Horizontal Spin - Whirlpool - Passing

5. Passing - Transition - Hand Spin - One Hand Isolation - Linear Isolations - Transition - Horizontal Isolation - Waist Hooping - Vortex

Creative Combinations with Escalators ($AUD37)

  1. Basic Escalator
  2. Escalator Let Go
  3. Reverse Escalator
  4. Reverse Escalator Hip Pop
  5. Reverse Arm Wrap Escalator
  6. 2 Hand Escalator Fold
  7. Escalator Hinge Tap
  8. Escalator Hinge Tap to On Body
  9. Fold Escalator
  10. 2 Hand Wrap Escalator
  11. Escalator Flip Off (2nd hand)
  12. Escalator Breaks
  13. Escalator Flip Off Jump Through
  14. Escalator Step Through Leg Flick
  15. Escalator Flip Off to Wedgie Breaks
  16. Escalator Back Frame Transition
  17. Escalator Shoulder Circle - Duck Out
  18. Escalator Elbow Circle - Duck Out
  19. Escalator Elbow Vortex
  20. Escalator Behind the Back Catch
  21. Reverse Escalator Elbow Wrap
  22. Reverse Escalator Elbow Wrap Lift Off
  23. Escalator Elbow Combo
  24. Escalator Swoop
  25. Reverse Escalator Arm Wrap 360
  26. Escalator 2 Hand Catch
  27. Escalator 2 Hand Catch Turn
  28. Escalator 2 Hand Catch Mandala
  29. Escalator 2 Hand Swoop
  30. Warrior Weave Reverse Escalator
  31. Diagonal Push Reverse Escalator
  32. Reverse Fold & Pop Escalator
  33. Horizontal Breaks to Reverse Escalator
  34. Behind the Back Transition to Escalator
  35. Behind the Back Toss/Pass Reverse Escalator
  36. Shoulder Roll Reverse Escalator
  37. Hand Roll Reverse Escalator
  38. Reverse Escalator Scoop Fold
  39. One Hand Helicopter Reverse Escalator
  40. Hand Balance Reverse Escalator
  41. Jump Through Reverse Escalator
  42. Pop In Barrel Roll Reverse Escalator
  43. Elbow Swing Reverse Escalator

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