About 21 Day Twin Flow Experience

Join the 21 Day Twin Hoop Experience to find balance in your practice, skill in your twin technique and freedom in your 2 hoop flow.

This experience will not only teach you twin hoop skills but it will give you access to hoop dance flow with two hoops. Learning tricks in isolation is powerful for strength and understanding, but flowing them through, sequencing them together and access twin hoop dance is a magical experience and ultimate balance.

Each day of the 21 day practice you will learn a new focus skill and a twin hoop sequence to flow and dance it out. This is designed to help you improve your hoop skills, your coordination and balance and find freedom and fluidity in your practice.

What you get:

  • 21 twin hoop dance flow concept lessons (daily video lessons taught by Deanne Love)
  • 21 hoop dance flow sessions with break down and slow mo (daily video taught by Deanne Love)
  • Unlimited access so you can repeat any of the classes or flow sessions any time you need
  • Support from Deanne Love and Hooplovers around the globe
  • A chance to open up to new style, flow and freedom in your hoop
  • 21 Day Twin Hoop Flow Experience playlist to keep you flowing through your moves

Why do this challenge:

  • It will bring new movement, freedom and flow into your twin hoop dance
  • You will discover new strength, balance and connection in your body
  • You will have a chance to explore twin hoop dance with Deanne Love and other hoopers (online) for 21 days and beyond
  • You will deepen your hoop dance practice
  • You will unlock the blocks between you and accessing hoop dance flow

This experience is for you if:

  • you would like to learn new twin hoop skills, techniques and transitions
  • you would like to understand how to move with two hoops and not feel stifled by twins
  • you would like to move with grace, strength and balance
  • you like to have moves and sequences broken down for your understanding but also want to revisit the lessons as you need

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome : Hoop Sizes : About the 21 Day Experience

    2. Hoops & Technology

    3. Basic Moves : Starter Pack

    4. Twin Hoop Drills - Off Body

    5. Twin Hoop Drills - On Body

    6. A quick message from Deanne Love : Let's connect

    7. Terms & Conditions

    1. Day 1 Twin Move + Flow Session

    1. Day 2 Twin Move + Flow Session

    1. Day 3 Twin Move + Flow Session

    1. Day 4 Twin Move + Flow Session

    2. How are you feeling?

    1. Day 5 Twin Move + Flow Session

About this course

  • $37.00
  • 36 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

21 Day Twin Flow Experience

A practical guide to finding twin hoop flow through daily practice