Step by step guidance to waist hooping | Build core strength & body awareness

Are you looking for the most fun way to feel strong, confident and fit?

Have you tried to hula hoop and failed?

Do you need a little more excitement in your life, ready for something new? 

Let's get you hooping!

In this free 7 day lesson I will guide you to get stronger and more confident inside a hoop. 

In 7 days you will be waist hooping and ready for all of the other tricks and workouts you can do with a hoop.

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In this challenge I will show you how to get the right size adult hoop or make one yourself.

10 reasons to start hooping today

  • 1. Mood Enhancer | When you hoop up a sweat & increase your heart rate levels of neurochemicals serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine rise in your body. This is what makes you feel oh so good while dancing around in your hoop.

  • 2. Belly Blaster | Excess fat around the midsection is a strong risk factor for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even some types of cancers. Blasting away belly fat by hooping is not only fun but it is essential for your health.

  • 3. Stand Taller | Core strength is king! The strong core you gain from hooping will not only help to prevent pain and injury it will strengthen and improve your posture.

  • 4. Disco Dancer | There is nothing worse than hearing your fav song come on but feeling too intimidated to dance and express yourself. The hoop is the ultimate dance teacher and partner.

  • 5. Balance Giver Hooping uses the left and right side of the brain and body improving strength and balance. When the body and mind are in balance so is life. The ultimate goal.

  • 6. Brain Booster | Our miraculous brains have the ability to grow with new behaviours, experiences and focus. This is called neuroplasticity. As hoopers constantly learning moves and meeting new challenges we are strengthening our brains.

  • 7. Friend Finder | Hooping is a great way to make new friends. With hoop groups and classes popping up all over the world and internet it is easy to find new hooper friends anywhere. Teach a friend today!

  • 8. Heart Starter | A strong, healthy heart is essential. Increasing the heart rate often through hooping not only builds stamina and strength but helps to burn fat and support weight loss.

  • 9. Soul Shaker | Hooping gives you a way and a reason to express your self, bring out your inner creative and shine your brilliant light.

  • 10. Confidence Booster | Hoopers around the world report skyrocketing levels of confidence, finding new level of self respect and many even thank hooping for helping them to manage their depression and anxiety.

Why 7 days?

If I asked you to drop and do 200 sit ups right now how many do you think you could get through?

Might be pretty tough (and boring) But if we worked together to get stronger in 7 days, with good form and supportive guidance,  those sit ups might feel like a breeze. 

The same goes for waist hooping. It might look like child's play but it takes full core engagement (that is why it makes you so strong and fit) and some correct technique.

But don't worry, it is like riding a bike, once you understand how to do it you will never forget. So let me help you!

You will get a new mini lesson every day and each day you will improve your strength and coordination. 

Learn fun new moves, feel some more freedom, open up to more possibilities and feel better about yourself. Sounds good right? 

Ok let's get started. Sign up for free now and we can start when you are ready!

Course curriculum

    1. Tips to get you ready to hoop

    1. More tutorials, music & courses for you

    1. Get the right hoop for you

    2. Making vs Buying

    1. Welcome : Did you know...

    2. Day 1 : Hoop posture : Lesson

    3. Day 1 Challenge

    4. Day 2 : All about the spin

    5. Day 2 Challenge

    6. Grab the 7 Minute Hoop Workout Package

    7. Day 3 : Stop the drop

    8. Day 3 Challenge

    9. Day 4 : What about my arms?

    10. Day 4 Challenge

    11. Day 5 : Hoop stamina

    12. Day 5 Challenge

    13. Day 6 : Foot work : Let's dance

    14. Day 6 Challenge

    15. Day 7 : Some new tricks for you : Moving the hoop off and on the body

    16. Day 7 Challenge

    17. What's next : 28 Day Hooper's Starter Kit

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