Learn 10 tricks to get your hooping started

Feel more coordinated and confident with these 10 hoop tricks. Each trick has it's own video to support you to learn quickly and easily. 

Most of the tricks in this course are off body tricks so you can use any size hoop you like.  You can get started now.

You will also get 3 bonus flow sessions (putting tricks together) that you can practice using the 10 tricks you learn. These will help you start to connect hoop moves together and feel a freedom in your dance and movement with your hoop even if you are a total beginner.

These 10 tricks will give you a greater sense of coordination, strength and flow. You can do any of the videos in this course as many times as you like.

After you complete these 10 tricks we totally recommend the 28 Day Hooper's Starter Pack and the 7 Day Waist Hooping Challenge 

Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Welcome to 10 Tricks for Total Beginners

    • Hooplovers YouTube Tutorials

  • 02

    Hoop Size : Get the right size hoop for you

    • What size hoop should I buy?

    • Making VS Buying a Hoop

  • 03

    10 Hoop Tricks for Total Beginners (click to unlock)

    • Orbit

    • Passing

    • Step Through

    • Weave

    • Hand Spin

    • Waist Hooping

    • Isolation Down

    • Flip Off

    • Escalator

    • 2 Hand Isolation

  • 04

    Bonus : Flow Sessions

    • Flow Session 1

    • Flow Session 2

    • Flow Session 3

    • More combinations to try

  • 05

    More tricks, transitions & techniques. Keep hooping...

    • A quick message for you

    • 21 Day Shoulder Hooping Challenge

10 tricks for total beginners