About Upper Body Hooping Workshop

Strengthen your body and hoop dance with this Upper Body Hooping Workshop with Deanne Love and accelerate your freedom in the hoop. In this online workshop, you will be guided to strengthen your skills in chest, shoulder, neck, core and expressive upper body hooping.

Be sure to click on the intro video above for a glimpse of this workshop and check below or to the side for a complete list of everything you will learn in this workshop!

Each video demonstrates the move in real time and slow motion then breaks down the instructions. You will learn how to master the moves, how to overcome hurdles and how to find freedom and flow while hooping on your upper body. You will also become fluent in transitions in and out of these moves to unlock your style. As you build the confidence you can feel good going beyond your limits and diving into more advanced upper body moves.

This workshop is a step by step guide and is broken into three main parts; in total there are 24 mini-lessons. You can learn each move at your own pace as well as skip forward or back at any time that you need more support or more of a challenge. You have the option of streaming this workshop when connected to the internet or downloading it to your computer and transferring it to your mobile devices to watch anywhere, anytime.

The Foundations

  1. Warm Up
  2. Getting It Up
  3. Shimmy Up
  4. Chest Hooping
  5. Shoulder Hooping
  6. Neck Hooping
  7. Neck Chest Shoulder

Reaching Beyond Your Limits

  1. Transitions On and Off
  2. Vortex Off
  3. Neck Lift Off
  4. Prayers Hands To Chest
  5. Spiral Down to Shoulders
  6. Barrel Roll Turn
  7. Prayer Hands Lift Off
  8. Break Fold
  9. Basic Breaks
  10. Paddles
  11. Vertical Shoulder Hooping
  12. Barrel Rolls

Finding Your Flow

  1. Arms In & Out
  2. Duck Outs
  3. Basic Flow Sessions
  4. Power Drills
  5. Cool Down

Course curriculum

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    1. About This Workshop

    1. Lesson Description & Time Markers

    2. Video Lessons : The Foundations | Warm Up | Getting It Up | Shimmy Up | Chest Hooping | Shoulder Hooping | Neck Hooping | Neck Chest Shoulder

    1. Lesson Description & Time Markers

    2. Video Lessons : Advanced Upper Body Moves : Transitions | Vortex Off | Neck Lift Off | Prayers Hands On | Spiral Down to Shoulders | Barrel Roll Turn | Prayer Hands Off | Break Fold | Basic Breaks | Paddles | Vertical Shoulder Hooping | Barrel Rolls

    1. Lesson Description & Time Markers

    2. Video Lessons : Finding Your Upper Body Flow | Arms In & Out | Duck Outs | Basic Flow Sessions | Power Drills | Cool Down

About this course

  • $37.00
  • 10 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Upper Body Hooping Workshop