About 12 Week Flow Session

Flow Sessions are the ultimate way to find freedom and movement with your hoop while getting a fabulous, full body work out and hoop dance session. When starting out with hooping we often become trick collectors but the key to flow is being able to transition all the fun tricks together. This series helps you to do exactly that.

In this first Beginner - Flow Sessions series I have created 12 unique hoop dance sequences for you. They are a combination of off and on body moves as well as transitions to melt it all together. They have been designed for us to practice with each other, you can download this series to watch offline. Simply transfer each flow session to your mobile device so we can have hoop jams anywhere, anytime. Or you can stream each video in this course while you have internet access.

If you are just starting out with Hoop Dance I highly recommend spending some time learning some On Body and Off Body moves. The Flow Sessions course is created to help move to the next level with your hoop dance style and flow but does not spend a lot of time breaking each move down.

What does the Beginner - Flow Sessions series include?

  • 12 easily downloadable, unique Hoop Dance flow sessions videos
  • 1 bonus download that will show you how to change, improve and personalize your flow sessions
  • 1 bonus download that slows down each flow session in Flow Mo
  • a 12 Week Hoop Adventure Plan PDF created to help you journey through the series weekly with 60 ideas for hoop play time.
  • a real time look at each session, a slowed down talk it through session and an amped up run through plus the Flo Mo version

Are the Beginner - Flow Sessions downloads for me?

  • Are you collecting hoop tricks but have no idea how to put them together?
  • Do you need some new ideas for your hoop practice time?
  • Would you like to improve your coordination, strength, agility and fitness?
  • Are you looking for new ways to move through tricks you already have as well as learn a few new tricks?
  • Are you excited by a fun way to work out with your hoop that involves playful dance?
  • Are you looking for hoop dance sequences to share with your students in class, to perform in a show or simply to find flow with your hoop?

I highly recommend using this Beginner - Flow Sessions download as a 12 week series. Choose one hoop dance sequence for each week and spend your weekly hoop practice and workout time diving into the tricks, transitions and techniques of each session. After a week of focus on the sequence you will see your flow soaring, your skills strengthening and your hoop dance creativity blossoming.

Flowing through these beginners sequences is sure to fast track your hoop skills as you dance, move and play through a huge variety of moves.

The series is not created to break down specific tricks, although I will share many trouble shooting tips, if you are looking for trick tutorials please see my YouTube Channel or Beginners and Beyond downloads.

In total you will receive 14 videos plus 1 PDF Flow Session Guide and 1 PDF Trick List to download onto your computer and transfer to any mobile devices you choose.

You will need an adult size hoop dance hoop, a safe and open space as well as patience and dedicated practice time.

Course curriculum

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About this course

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12 Week Flow Session