Sharing hooping and creative learning with children | Answering your questions

Are you teaching children to hoop? Do you want to but unsure of what to teach? Have you tried and felt like a failure? Do you have concerns about where to teach? What to share? How to connect? 

Does it all seem too overwhelming? Or perhaps you are looking for new creative ideas? 

Go questions about teaching kids, performing for children, sharing at schools, getting ready to share, sustaining yourself as a teacher? Or something else?

Join Hayley Hoopla and Deanne Love (the creators of the Little Circles Toolbox) for a Q&A session. Let's chat all things "hoops & kids".

Come prepared with you questions and ready to chat with other hoop teachers, movers, parents, care givers. 

Q&A Session with Hayley & Deanne

  • Date & time

    September 30 Friday | 11am Melbourne, Australia

    September 29 Thurs | 9pm New York

    September 29 Thurs | 6pm LA

    September 30 Friday | 2pm Auckland

  • Live Zoom

    Grab your Zoom link. This will be a group call with hoopers and teachers from all over. Come and spend some time in community sharing ideas and broadening creativity.

  • Little Circles

    This Q&A session is open to all hoopers and teachers interested in or already teaching children to hoop. It is open to you if you have already completed the Little Circles Toolbox or if you are curious about it. Everyone is welcome!

Live Q&A session with Hayley Hoopla & Deanne Love

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