Bundle includes

You will get Hoop Dance Flow for total beginners Season 1 + Off Body Hooping

About this bundle

We have combined Season 1 of Beginner Flow Classes (4 full-length classes) with the Beginners Off Body Workshop (40 tricks) to bring you a mega bundle with huge savings. 

Beginner Hoop Flow Series normally $37 AUD Off Body Hoop Tricks Normally $37AUD but grab this bundle for just $24.95 save $44 AUD

Are you a beginner hooper? 

Want to learn fun & solid foundations as well as flow and dance with your hoop?

Join me for this special Beginner's weekly full-length hoop classes online ANd as a bonus get the full Moving Mandala Workshop (free) and the 40 Off Body Tricks for Beginners.

Each week we will learn new tricks, and sequences. I will also take you through a warm up, cool down and flow session to help you improve your hooping skills and coordination.

Special bonus included in this month's flow class 

40 Off Body Tricks

This Off Body Workshop is ideal for you if you are new to hooping and you want to get a strong foundation or you have some gaps in your learning. Maybe you have been learning some cool moves from YouTube and hoop jams but really want a solid list and focus to help you go next level with your hooping.

The 40 Off Body moves that you will learn in this workshop will give you a strong launching pad to blast your hoop dance strength, understanding, alignment, flow and creativity. At the end of this workshop you will also try out some Off Body Flow Sessions to awaken your hoop dance style and flow between tricks.


Moving Mandalas : Unlocking the Movement Mosaic

The Mandala is a heart exploding, behind the back, hoop move. On it's own it is a whirlwind of hoop dance fun but when you explore the multitude of techniques and transitions that compliment the Mandala you will be opening up to a new world of movement with your hoop. In this workshop we will move in, out and all around the Mandala and explore creative variations of the move.

First, let's roll through some of the original forms of the Mandala move. Breaking down each move and also exploring ways to transition into the moves will help you to access a more fluid style and upper body release. Then we will discover variations using one and two hands. This is where you can really get creative and start to blend the moves together.

Mandalas really bring focus to the shoulders, arms, chest, ribs and neck so let's finish with a stretch to release any built-up tension in those areas so you can feel more mobility with each practice.

What you are going to learn:

Foundation Moves
  • Inner Circle Mandalas
  • Big Circle Mandalas
  • Spinning Mandalas
  • Prayer Hand Mandalas

Variations & Flow

  • Mandala Breaks2 Hand
  • Mandala Variations1 Hand
  • Mandala VariationsYin Yang
  • MandalaAnti SpinFlowing
  • Mandalas

1 x monthly hoop playlist for your own practice

Hoops love music and I love creating playlists for you. I will personalize a playlist for this month that you can use in your practice times.