How will we master the skills and body-intelligence required for flowing leg hooping?

  • Introduction: 10 things you may be doing incorrectly (let's fix that)

    Leg hooping (from waist down to floor and back up again) is an area of hooping that is often incorrectly practiced and therefore it is easy for it to feel clunky or impossible. Poor posture and incorrect pace can cause bruised bodies and bruised egos...this course is all about improving your strength and success.

    In this introduction we with look at 10 misconceptions about leg hooping alignment, timing and skills that will support you to improve.

    Hint: leg hooping is not just about your knees. The advice in this introduction will give you professional tips that are often overlooked but are essential for unlocking leg hooping.

  • Hip opening: the key to correct alignment, power and mobility

    The importance of hip mobility and power is often overlooked. Without softening and strengthening your hips (psoas muscles) you are going to find leg hooping very challenging. Let's change that.

    Theory: understand why leg hooping feels so challenging and how to achieve better alignment and ease.

    Practice: Hip opening and strengthening practices that we train together. You can use these as often as you like to build the power and mobility required for smooth leg (waist to floor and back up) hooping.

  • Waist to Knees

    Does your hoop just seem to slip or drop off your waist/hips to knees? Let's build connection from your waist to knees. This will not only improve your alignment and stop the drop but it will also mean to you have the connection it takes to move it back up again with more ease.

    Theory: understand the movements, timing and alignment required to control your hoop as it moves down from your waist to hips to upper legs to knees. It will feel like you are magically defying gravity.

    Practice: Practice this waist to knees training session to stop your hoop simply dropping or slipping to your knees. A step by step training session to take you through each movement to improve your waist to knee hooping.

  • Knees to Waist

    If you ever feel like to can't get your hoop back up from your knees or it often feels clunky, disconnected and like a miracle when it does come up with ease...then this section is going to smooth that out for you. This part of the training is going to help you build strength and power with a variety of techniques to bring your hoop up from your knees to your waist.

    Theory: understand why a kick, a bump or a wiggle is not quite eneough to get it up. Learn the proper alignment, timing and techniques required to unlock this challenging journey from knees to waist.

    Practice: the way to improve this is to practice but with correct form and supportive techniques. This training session will guide you to use safe and effective form as well as build hoop fitness and power to bring the hoop from knees to waist with ease.

  • Floor to Knees: Kick Ups

    Kicking the hoop back up from the floor to your legs and then further up to your hips/waist has a lot to do with balance and timing. This comes firstly from your feet. Let's learn how to kick the hoop up from floor to knees with correct timing and leg/knee activation.

    Theory: There are a lot of moving parts involved in kick ups, that can make them seem challenging. This theory will explore the importance of blending all of the steps together to improve your timing, spacial awareness and alignment/placement so that your kick ups become seamless.

    Practice: The kick up practice session will break down each of the micro steps for success then blend them together for improved understanding and connection. Let's get your kicking up!

  • Bonus: Extra break downs

    This section will break down the kick ups a little more with slow motion footage. We will also look at some bonus trouble shooting.

"I just can't get it"

This course is going to change the way you move with a hoop. 

The misconception that leg hooping is all about your knees is going to transformed by the revolutionary methods in this series.  If you have been challenged by leg hooping, knee hooping or how to navigate your hoop once it drops below your hips/waist, then UNLOCK is a truly support way of building your skills.

"I can't keep it up"   "Once it drops I have no idea what to do"   "I have been avoiding knee hooping"   "Tried and failed so many times, just feels impossible"   "Getting my hoop back up from my knees never works"   "The kick start! Ugh. Help me please"

If any of these comments from hoopers sound like you then I am inviting you to unlock leg hooping intelligence.

This course was created for you if...

UNLOCK leg hooping is not just a bunch of tips and tricks. This course has taken 10 years of training all different body types to understand the mechanics of leg hooping. Unlock intelligence and connection from your waist to the floor and back up again.

  • you want to feel strong and confident hooping on all parts of your legs, hips and ankles so that you can hoop freely even when your hoop drops below your waist.

  • you have felt like you don't have the coordination or stamina to move your hoop up and down all points on your legs from waist to floor and back up again.

  • you want to improve your pelvic floor strength and hip mobility but feel locked up and unable to release tension in your lower back and legs.

  • you would like to understand the mechanis of building strength, alignment and intelligence in your body (not just a bunch of tips) so that you can safely and easily master on body hooping

  • you want to improve your balance, strength and timing so that you can move on to more creative tricks

  • you would like to feel more connection with flow and freedom in your overall hooping

Why limit yourself to one style of hooping, when there is so much more that you can do with a hoop?!

If you have struggled any time your hoop has dropped below your waist or hips, then this one is for you.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction: Welcome to Unlock Leg Hooping

    2. Before you get started: Trouble Shooting Tips

    1. Hip Opening: The Theory

    2. Hip Opening: The Practice

    1. Waist to Knees : The Theory

    2. Waist to Knees : The Practice

    1. Knees to Waist: The Theory

    2. Knees to Waist: The Practice

    1. Floor to Knees: The Theory

    2. Floor to Knees: The Practice

    1. Slow motion/trouble shooting

    2. Congratulations

About this course

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  • 12 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content