Hoop Love Coach Training Sept 2017

taught by Deanne Love

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Course description

Take your dreams of becoming an inspiring, confident and skilled hoop teacher and turn them into a reality with the help of Deanne Love, Hoop Love Coach Training and a supportive team of Hoop Love Coaches from around the world.

Whether you want to teach hoop dance for the love of it, for some extra income or to make it your career; Hoop Love Coach training gives you all the tools and support you need to grow your hoop community and prosper as an inspired and confident hoop dance instructor.

To decide if this comprehensive, online training is right for you please watch the video above. I outline the entire training for you. Then scroll down to find more information, FAQ, meet some other Hoop Love Coaches, see the full curriculum and find payment plan details at the bottom.

Online Training

Hoop Love Coach training is an online course created for you to stream and download at anytime. You have access to all content anytime you have an internet connection or open your downloaded files.

Community Support

Meet and share with other Hoop Love Coaches from around the world in a private group. Get the support you need to grow your community and business.

 Get Certified

On successful completion of Hoop Love Coach training your will receive a certificate of completion.

Learn from an Expert

With over 15 years experience as a professional teacher and almost a decade of movement facilitation Deanne Love is a leader in her industry and an inspiring mentor.

 Stream & Download 24/7

The easy to use online classroom gives you the ability to download or stream all videos and written material on to any computer or mobile device.

Learn at your pace

Hoop Love Coach training is a 12 week course but you have the freedom to learn at your own pace and unlimited lifetime access to all course content.

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1. Setting Up for Success

Learn how to create a focused vision for yourself and your business then makes it a reality. Get to know who you are, define your unique offering, and learn how to turn that into gold.

2. The 3T's

Learn the 100 foundation tricks, transitions and techniques of hoop dance and how to best support your hoopers to mastery. Watch the 100 + instructional videos breaking down each move and how to teach them playfully and successfully. Use these 100 moves as a launching pad to expand your classes and creativity.

3. Sequences to Support Flow

Bring the dance into the hoop and the hoop into the dance. Tap into successful ways to ignite creativity and hoop dance flow with hoopers of all abilities. Learn unique sequences as hoopspiration for your own teaching creativity.

4. Crafting Classes/Workshops/Parties

Develop unique and creative classes/workshops/parties that allow your students to shine and everyone to have a fabulous time. Feel confident with easy-to-use planning tools and a ton of class ideas. Watch complete video examples of an 8 week class series, a speciality workshop/party and extra class ideas. Be guided to craft your own hoop dance classes and parties.

5. The Art of Teaching

Be of valuable service to your community by facilitating, supporting, guiding physical, emotional and connected growth. Understand the fine art of fabulous facilitation and how to support diversity in all of your offerings.

6. Hoops!

Learn the tricks of the hoop-making and selling trade. Find out where to get supplies or class hoops and grab some discounts.

7. Creating Abundance

Learn how to create overflowing abundance by making connections, valuing your service, pricing your products, and mapping out a focussed plan for success.

Meet some Hoop Love Coaches

Meet Hoop Love Coach Tamsin the founder of Onestophoopshop who saw a need for UK made hoop supplies and broke through the obstacles to launch the One Stop Hoop Shop UK.

Meet Hoop Love Coach Sunny Diz who has shared her passion for teaching hoop dance on Greek television shows, leads hooping classes for adults in Greece and is launching the Hoop It Hoop Retreat in the Greek Islands.

Meet Tea Bowie-Ford of Teaki Hoops a Hoop Love Coach who has taken her special sauce and strengths seriously to launch and rock a successful hoop company in her hometown, seaside spot in Australia. Hoops, parties, classes, workshops and wonder are on the menu at Teaki Hoops.

Meet Aimee B of Harbour Hoops Vancouver Island the wickedly creative school teacher who has launched a sell hoop jam giving flow artists a supportive home and supplying them with the prettiest of props for their movement journey.

Meet Lucy the creator of Inner Circle Hooping who took a passion and rolled with it. In a few short months she took a desire to teach hooping and turned it into a string of successful classes and jams across Melbourne.

Meet Hoop Love Coach Missy the founder of Lansing Hoops who created and ran Michigan's first hoop retreat. Missy inspires a huge tribe of adults and children to find their playful spirit through her classes, coaching, speeches, events and blog.

Meet Abs Marie creator of Hoops of a Feather in the USA who took a leap from full time school teacher to full time hoop teacher and now teaches hundreds with her beginners, intermediate classes and workshops and gives back to school communities with her junior classes and hoop camps.

Meet Hoop Love Coach Caitlyn who showed up in my Melbourne class as a shy but determined hooper and is now making huge lifestyle shifts, launching her social media presence, gaining the attention of media and teaching children and adults in her area.

What Hoop Love Coaches Say

Hoop Love Coach - Elisabeth Færøy Lund 

Hoop Love Coach - Molly Lippsett

Hoop Love Coach - Ilaria Carboni

“I have run two hoop love coaching classes since I did the course last year & I always learn from each experience. I gain great joy from seeing the development of the students as they progress with the hooping. I have gained a wealth of ideas & inspiration from the coaching.I am a low key kind of person & hoop love coach which suits me where I am at present. I recommend the course as it has a well of information & ideas to assist in choosing your own path.”

✭✭✭✭✭ Lola – Hoopna

Learn how to:

  • Create your own unique hoop dance classes, workshops and events
  • See teaching hoop dance as an art form
  • Transform your lifestyle
  • Create your vision and make it a reality
  • Tap into your unique talents and use them to your advantage
  • Sharpen your leadership skills
  • Support students of all levels and age groups
  • Kick start or strengthen your journey as a HOOP LOVE COACH
  • Bring joy and energy to every hoop dance gathering
  • Master the foundations of the HOOPLOVERS Beginners & Beyond tricks, transitions, and techniques
  • Learn the tricks of the hoop making trade
  • Sky rocket your confidence
  • Enhance your intuitive teaching skills for multi-skill guidance
  • Understand how to create abundance in your life

Your Hoop Love Coach training includes:

  • 8 x 1hr example HOOPLOVERS classes led by Deanne Love including warm up, tricks, transitions, techniques, sequences, playlists, dance activities, and cool downs (video format streamable and downloadable)
  • Written lesson plans for each of the classes to make up a 4-, 6-, or 8-week course
  • 1hr example specialty workshop (video streamable and downloadable) with written plan ideal for festivals, master classes, corporate gatherings
  • Easy-to-use lesson/workshop/class planning tools
  • 100 Beginners & Beyond video lessons (video format streamable and downloadable) including on body, off body, transitions and twins with trouble shooting and teaching tips for each
  • Flow Session videos (video format streamable and downloadable) example sequences for all levels to use in classes, workshops, parties and online marketing including Hoop Love Body workouts and Hoop Love Flow Sessions
  • Certificate of completion
  • Links and discounts to hoop supplies and class hoops
  • Access to future HOOP LOVE COACH modules at discount prices
  • Downloadable videos and files for easy access anytime
  • Become a Hoop Love Coach affiliate, earn back your investment
  • Free listing on Hoop Love Coach directory upon completion of course
  • Access to Hoop Love Coach group forum, a large group of inspiring and successful mentors and creators
  • 24/7 lifetime access to all resources

Deanne Love
Deanne Love
Hoop Dance Coach

Deanne Love has launched a global revolution inside the hula hoop. Hoopers from around the world tune in to learn from Deanne's fresh and passionately positive style of hoop dance instruction. The one time primary school teacher and creative founder of Hooplovers.tv shares high energy live and online classes, workshops and performance-based hoop education. Her mission is to inspire global beings to find their true potential through movement and self-expression via hoop dance.

Deanne Love's desire to connect adults and children through dance, music and fun fuelled the creation of international hoop community Hooplovers. She now inspires hundreds of movement entrepreneurs around the planet to find their own path as successful hoop dance instructors via her Hoop Love Coaching program.

Strong in the art of streamlined instruction and intuitive facilitation, Deanne turns up the volume on the "feel-good-factor" as a focus of success for all level of hooper. She shares hoop dance as a delicious hot pot of tricks, transitions and technique. Harnessing both the flavours of individual style and collective energy, Deanne supports group diversity and the exploration of unique hoop stardom in all of her facilitation.


OMG....thank goodness for you tube and finding you on the tube. It changed my LIFE!!!! You are such an inspiration for me and flow hooping. You are the BEST. - Sherri ★★★★★
Deanne Love heart emoticon !! Your videos are the best . As a new hooper .you are my favorite on line teacher !!! Thank you THANK YOU for sharing your LOVE ! heart emoticon - Opal ★★★★★
I too, am a new hooper and you are my Hooping Guru and the best online teacher. Your passion and energy are contagious. Thank you for all you do in sharing the Hoop Love xx - Jane ★★★★★
YES! I found you on youtube and haven't left since! LOL. You definitely are my inspiration! Thanks for all the love luv! You rock Deanne! - Marilyn ★★★★★
You're videos are what got me into hooping! Ive learned so much from your tutorials and I can't thank you enough for all the lovely advice and motivation you've given me even if you didn't know it! - Melissa ★★★★★
When i took up hooping you were the one to really open my eyes to how amazing it is and what it could really be! You are so positive and upbeat in every video and every time someone talks to me about a good ab workout i always refer them to your videos! Happy hooplovers forever! - Serena ★★★★★
You and your youtube videos are the only reason I can do more than a few things with my hula hoop. If it wasn't for your videos I would still be lost and trying to find something to fill the void left in my heart from dance (lower back injury at the age of 18 devastated me). Thank you to the end of the universe and back for all the love and support you put into your videos and everything you do. Your beautiful soul has inspired me and many others; and I'm absolutely sure that you will continue to inspire and connect people via your love for hula hooping, your boundless energy, and your kind spirit. Congratulations on your Youtube collaboration!! May you always be inspired and an inspiration! - kitty.hooper ★★★★★
Most of all I love your energy and vibe. I love that you focus on the health and spiritual benefits of hooping. I've had a lot of health issues and can't do a lot of traditional exercise. even yoga can be to strenuous. Hooping is perfect for my particular needs. You were the one who made me realize I didn't have to be "cool" to hoop. I realized I could find a deeper part of myself in the circle and that it wasn't all about performance or others' expectations, only me. Thank you!! I always give thanks to you in my mind when I hoop and think about your words, especially when I "mess up" or get out of flow. - Stacey ★★★★★
Your YouTube videos helped keep sane when working a crazy job in Spain. I absolutely love your style of teaching, I aspire to follow your footsteps and teach in NZ. - Lucy ★★★★★

If you you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch with us. We are here to help!

“I utterly cherish the gifts and learnings I've gained from this course! With helpful business development and marketing tips, creative lesson ideas and teaching methods, and boundless amounts of encouragement and support, it feels like Deanne and Masao are right there cheering you on every step of the way to becoming an authentic and the best hoop dance teacher that you can become!

The connection and support extends across the globe, becoming part of an online community network that keeps on giving and sharing...If you're wondering about whether online learning is for you, the Hoop Love Coaching teacher training course has nailed it, this course is totally engaging and positively powerful. Thank you for this generous gift!”
Lucy – Inner Circle Hooping

“I start the classes on July 14th and I am so excited and happily overwhelmed! LIKE AHHH! I am going to be teaching a hoop class, in a designated space, in my own community! Thank you Deanne Love for all of your awesomeness through out this course, and thank you ladies for all of your support! A few months ago this wouldn't have even been on my radar…and now the universe just keeps surprising me with more and more hoopy goodness!”
HooperFit – Meg McCormick

“Hoop Love Coaching has totally transformed my whole life. I am so grateful that the universe delivered a sparkling Hooplovers email to me at just the perfect time. A year ago I was drifting between odd jobs, and now my calendar is full of workshops, classes, and events. I always knew what I wanted, but since discovering Deanne's program I have been given the tools, and therefore the confidence to follow my dreams and make them a reality. I am so blessed to have the opportunity and support to share my hoop love with EVERYONE!! Thank You Hooplovers!”
Small Tribe – Heather Davies

“The Hoop Love Coach training is exactly what I was looking for. Before I started this training I felt lost and was lacking focus and confidence in all aspects of my hoop teaching and training. The Hoop Love Coach training covered not only class dynamics but the whole buisnsess aspect too. There wasn't a stone left unturned. It covers it all. Thru this program I gained the confidence I needed, as well as the tools I needed in my class and buisness. Deanne Love is a remarkable teacher and mentor who is personable, with a contagious personality. I am so grateful to her and also grateful that I took the leap of faith and landed as a Hoop Love Coach.”
Hooptality – Carron McCabe

“HoopLovers Teacher Training has given me the solid PUSH to dive deep and directly into my purpose and passion; to teach and facilitate PLAY for both young and old. After teaching my very first beginner hoop dance jam course in April 2015, I was overwhelmed with gratitude, to be given the opportunity to carry out my purpose as my fulltime career. The global HoopLove Coach community has given me the support and strength to go out there and realise my dream and has helped me get to where I am now. I'll never 'work' another day in my life! Thankyou Deanne Love for all the guidance and support you've given all of us to help us realise our full potential :)”
Indigo - Lunatrix Hoop Dance

“The Hoop Love Coach course changed my life!My original goal to build skills as a teacher and have a certification to enable my charity work grew to encompass a viable hoop making business and teaching classes. I have developed such personal confidence through this course and made some life-long virtual friends (for now) that have enriched my life! A year ago, you would never have seen a video of me on the internet. Well, check out my You Tube account now and I've even been mentioned on Hooplover's FB page. I've developed an online tribe and am starting to build a real one in my hometown. If you want to use hooping to change your life, this course is for you! ”

Festihoops – Janet Glover

“I am feeling so encouraged and excited. I have a whole new blast of confidence when I'm teaching. I love the structure my classes have now with a more defined warm up and cool down. I'm getting great feed back from my students regarding the fun combos and flow sessions. People are excited to hear that I am "HoopLoveCoach" certified and I feel honored to be so.”

Abs Marie – Hoops of a Feather

“The Hoop Love Coach training is a unique experience. It gives you all the tools you need to become a great hooper, an amazing hoop teacher and a self confident person. It makes you see hoop dance as a way of everyday life and helps you communicate the best part of yourself with your students and the hoop community. It is a gift to yourself that makes you realize that the right time is now!”

Hoopit - Sunny Diz

Course Curriculum

2. Tricks, Transitions & Technique
100 Trick Check List
1. Waist Hooping
2. Waist Stop the Drop
3. Pivot
4. Turning
5. Stepping
6. Arms & Hands
7. Scooping
8. Breaks
9. Break & Turn
10. Waist to Hips
11. Waist to Chest
12. Waist to Shoulder
13. Hip Hooping
14. Chest Hooping
15. Shoulder Hooping
16. Waist to Knees
17. Knee Hooping
18. Kick Out
19. Kick Up
20. Neck Hooping
21. Shoulder Hooping w Arms
22. Shoulder Breaks
23. Knees to Waist
24. Vertical Waist Hooping
25. Vertical Shoulder Hooping
26. Vertical Breaks
27. Barrel Roll
28. Duck Out
29. Hand Spin
30. Spin Breaks
31. Prayer Hands
32. Propellor
33. Propellor Breaks
34. Can Can
35. Behind the Back Pass
36. Mandala
37. One Hand Mandala
38. One Hand Isolation
39. Two Hand Isolation
40. Folding
41. Linear Isolation
42. Linear isolation Turn
43. Pulsing Isolation
44. Forwards Weave
45. Backwards Weave
46. Side Weave
47. Elbow Hooping
48. Elbow Pass
49. Escalator
50. Escalator Let Go
51. Reverse Escalator (2 ways)
52. Reverse Escalator Arm Wrap
53. Body Wrap
54. Booty Wrap
55. Basic Toss
56. Passing Variations
57. Helicopter
58. Low Lasso
59. Whirlpool
60. Step Through
61. Horizontal Spin
62. Horizontal Prayer hands
63. Spin Stall
64. Vortex
65. Smear/ Orbit
66. Isolation Barrel Roll
67. Body Roll
68. Hinge Off
69. Horizontal Isolation Off
70. Break & Hinge
71. Spiral Up
72. Neck Lift Off
73. Knee Lift Off
74. Vortex Off
75. Horizontal Isolation On
76. Spiral Down
77. Vortex Down
78. Weave Tap Warrior
79. Weave Tap Throw
80. Jump In
81. Vortex Jump In
82. Neck Drop Off
83. Knee Drop Off
84. Hinge Transition
85. Hinge Tap On
86. Passing Halo Hinge
87. Spin Stop Side
88. Thumb to 4 Finger Transition
89. Floor Kick Up
90. Foot Flick
91. Backwards Weave Jump Through
92. 360 Weave
93. Extension Twister
94. Prayer Hands to Shoulders
95. Pop In
96. Twins Forward & Backwards Spin
97. Twin Elbow Spin
98. Twins Both Directions
99. Double Weave
100. Twin Isolations
Teaching Tips
Hoop Dance Techniques
3. Sequences to Support Flow
Introduction Video
Teaching Flow Sessions
1. Hoop Love Body (Say My Name : Odesza)
2. Hoop Love Body (Beautiful Liar : Shakira & Beyonce)
3. Hoop Love Body (Say My Name : Destiny's Child)
4. Hoop Love Body (Be Right There : Diplo)
5. Hoop Love Body (We Found Love : Rihanna)
6. Hoop Love Body (I Wanna Go - Britney Spears)
7. Hoop Love Body (On the Floor : JLo)
8. Hoop Love Body (Good for You : Selena Gomez)
9. Hoop Love Body (Work : Kelly Rowland)
10. Hoop Love Body (Whine Your Waistline : Danny T)
Playlist : Hoop Love Body
1. Hoop Love Dance (Waist > Pivot 4 Points > Waist Breaks > Break & Turn > Break & Turn > Flip Off > Passing)
2. Hoop Love Dance (Waist > Hips > Up ti Waist > Side Steps > Break & Turn > Horizontal Isolation Off > Horizontal Spin)
3. Hoop Love Dance (Passing > Horizontal Spin > Turning > Prayer Hands > 2nd Hand > Turning > Horizontal Isolation Down > Waist)
4. Hoop Love Dance (Passing > Twister > Whirlpool Breaks > Hinge Back & On > Waist Breaks > Hinge Off > Passing)
5. Hoop Love Dance (Hand Spin > Spin Break > Prayer Hands > Hand Spin > Spin Break > Propeller > Rainbow Pass > Propeller Breaks > Can Can )
6. Hoop Love Dance (Hand Spin > One Hand Mandala > Hand Spin > Spin Tap > Horizontal Spin > Low Lasso > Horizontal Isolation Down > Waist Hooping)
7. Hoop Love Dance (Smear/Orbit > Isolation Barrel Roll > Folding Isolations > Spin Tap > Mandala > Swing to Front > Pulsing Popping Isolations > Side Weave)
8. Hoop Love Dance (Swing Pull > Turn Weave > Tap Warrior Draw Back > Horizontal Isolation Down and Up > Horizontal Spin > Body Wrap/Hoop Hug)
9. Hoop Love Dance (One Leg Can Can > Second Hand Fwd Weave > 2 Hand Fwd Weave > Linear Isolation Turn > Hinge Transition > 2 Hand Isolation > Smear/Orbit > Smear Breaks)
10. Hoop Love Dance (Side Twirl > Horizontal Spin > Low Lasso Break > Serve Up & On > Waist Hooping > Fold Off > Hinge Fwd then Back )
11. Hoop Love Dance (Back Frame > Linear Isolation > Front Frame > Flip Down > 2 Hand Mandala > Horizontal Isolation Down)
12. Hoop Love Dance (Waist Hooping > Scooping > Waist Hooping > Shimmy Up > Shoulder Hooping > Neck Hooping > Neck Lift Off)
13. Hoop Love Dance (Waist Hooping > Spiral Up > Passing > Step Through > Hinge Transition > Hand Spin > Fwd Weave )
14. Hoop Love Dance (Fwd Weave > Skip Through > Tap & Pass > Float Up > Prayer Hands > Prayer Hands to Shoulder Hooping > Shoulder Hooping)
15. Hoop Love Dance (Horizontal Spin > Spiral Down > Waist to Knees > Kick Out Balance > Knee Pick Up > Horizontal Spin > Low Lasso )
16. Hoop Love Dance (Horizontal Spin > Drop Off to Neck > Neck Lift Off > Drop Off to Knees > Knees to Waist > Waist to Chest > Neck Hooping)
17. Hoop Love Dance (Escalator Up > Horizontal Spin > Hinge Transition > Reverse Escalator Hip Pop > Step Through > Passing)
18. Hoop Love Dance (Front Frame > Isolation Down > Turn to Fwd Weave > Extension Twisters > Pulsing Isolations)
19. Hoop Love Dance (Rainbow Throw > Chest Roll > Mandala > Swing to Front > Floor Spin > Hinge Back and On > Waist Hooping > Shimmy Up)
20. Hoop Love Dance (Body Wrap/Hoop Hug > Twister > Step Through > Passing > Vortex > Vortex On)
21. Hoop Love Dance (Side Throw > Reverse Escalator Arm Wrap > Flip Off > Orbit/Smear > Isolation Barrel Roll > One Hand Mandala > Centre Isolation )
22. Hoop Love Dance (Waist Hooping > Hip Hooping > Knee Hooping > Knees to Waist > Waist to Chest > Shoulder Hooping with Alt Arms > Shoulder Breaks)
23. Hoop Love Dance (Hand Spin > Side Tap > Escalator Up > Hinge Transition > Reverse Escalator > Side Pose)
24. Hoop Love Dance (360 Weave > Fwd Spin Side> Elbow Hooping > Fwd Weave > Tap and Frame > Folding Isolations)
25. Hoop Love Dance (Behind the Back Pass > Behind the Back Pass to Mandala > Backwards Spin > Backwards Weave > Backwards Weave Jump Through > 2 Hand Isolation)
26. Hoop Love Dance (Vortex > Hinge Transition > Reverse Escalator > Escalator Up > Horizontal Spin > Spiral Down )
27. Hoop Love Dance (Body Wrap > Booty Wrap > Twister > Step Through > Vortex Up)
28. Hoop Love Dance (Linear Isolation > Centre Isolation > Folding Isolation > Two Hand Fold Down > Iso Up > Centre Frame)
29. Hoop Love Dance (Behind the Back Pass > Break > Hand Spin > Spin Break > Propeller > Can Can > Rainbow Pass > Linear Isolation Turn)
30. Hoop Love Dance (Waist Hooping > Waist Breaks > Break Hinge > Vertical Breaks > Barrel Roll > Vertical Breaks)
Hoop Love Dance Flow Sessions Trick List