What are Moving Meditations?

Moving Meditations are an offering to your body, your nervous system, your peace.  A space to move what needs to be moved.

An unraveling of knots and tangles. A somatic release.

Space to become present. Time to simply move. A prayer to peace. Unshackled from distraction. 

These 30 minute guided sessions will be a combination of non-linear movement method, hoop embodiment, somatic meditations. Each week will be different but always a time for you to allow movement to guide you deeper into connection with your body and the present moment. 

A space to move, release, dance, play in community.

No hoop or dance experience needed. You will be guided to explore authentic movement as it arises in your body from moment to moment.

+ Please bring your journal and create a comfortable space for you to move. 

+ You do not need to have your camera on, please choose whatever helps you to stay most present.

+ You will be guided by music, my voice and your own expression. 

+ Please test your speakers or headphones before the session to make sure you have access to quality sound

+ Please check your time zone. I will offer a meditation each Monday (this could be your Sunday) Melbourne Australia time 11am

Moving Meditations are a powerful way to move what is residing within you to access greater peace, vitality, creativity and expression.

There is nothing you can get wrong. Come as you are.

Weekly Zoom links provided when you enrol for free in this Moving Meditation Mondays

Weekly live sessions

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  • Weekly Moving Meditation 1

    Monday | 11 am | Melb Australia
    Monday | 1 pm | Auckland
    Sunday | 4 pm | San Francisco
    Sunday | 7 pm | Toronto
    Sunday | 9 pm | Rio de Janeiro
    Sunday | 6 pm | Mexico City

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Course curriculum

    1. What are Moving Meditation Mondays?

    1. Live Moving Meditation | Zoom links

    1. Playlists for your Moving Meditations

    2. 30 Minute Moving Meditation for Focus, Expression & Reflection

    3. Gentle 45 Minute Moving Meditation

    4. 25 Minute Moving Meditation

    5. Trick Restriction - Exploring creativity


    7. Moving Meditation - Body & Writing Flow Invitations

    8. 4 Embodiment Channels

    9. 4 questions for the end of year

About this course

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  • 4.5 hours of video content