Live Classes Beginners to Beyond

This 4-week LIVE online course starts on November 3. 

Join Deanne Love for a LIVE online course Beginners to Beyond. 

The focus of this 4-week course will be taking you from foundational moves and grooves to a wider variety of hoop variations, transitions and techniques. 

Each week we will explore new ways to flow tricks together, boost hoop confidence and amplify your hooping creativity. 

This course includes:

+ 4 live online classes with Deanne Love (see dates/times below) 

+ Recordings of each class for your revision

+ 4 hoop playlists 

+ a huge range of hoop trick variations, transitions and technique.

Each live class will be 1 hour. In that time we will do a creative warm-up, discover trick variations, learn creative transitions to help you flow from one trick to another as well as build hooping strength, confidence and creativity.

These classes will be live online each week for 4 weeks (see times and dates below), you will also get a recording of each class, a fresh playlist and email support each week.

This live course is ideal for you if :

+ you have been learning from YouTube/teaching yourself and want some more guidance and flow 

+ been working on the same tricks and transitions but excited for something new 

+ have hit a hoop rut and need some fresh ideas 

+ feel that you have learned a range of tricks but want more freedom, creativity and style in your hooping 

+ miss going to hoop classes and want to join in on the fun again

+ you have moved past the foundational moves and want to discover fun variations and flow more moves together

Dates and Times (two class times available every can come to one or both)

Week 1

November 3 at 10am Brisbane, Australia

November 3 at 1pm, Auckland, New Zealand

November 2 at 4pm Los Angeles, USA

November 2 at 6pm Dallas, USA

November 2 at 7pm New York, USA

November at 9pm Rio, Brazil


November 3 at 7pm Brisbane Australia

November 3 at 10am Berlin, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam

November 3 at 9am London

November 3 at 8pm Sydney/Melbourne

Week 2

November 10 at 10am Brisbane, Australia


November 10 at 7pm Brisbane, Australia

Week 3

November 17 at 10am Brisbane, Australia


November 17 at 7pm Brisbane, Australia

Week 4

November 24 at 10am Brisbane, Australia


November 24 at 7pm Brisbane, Australia

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