About Season 3 Hoop Flow Class


Need some new hoop inspiration?
Love the way I break moves down and connect hoop flow?
Need the momentum to find new movement and creativity with your hooping?
Need more than tutorials and tips to piece your hooping together?
Want to access hoop dance flow?

What is included in this month?

4 x weekly hoop flow classes with me (to stream or download)

Each week you will get a new hoop flow class with me, complete with warm-up, skill focus, flow sessions, play time and cool down. Yes, it is just like being in a  real class with me but you get to save on the airfares. 

Each week we will explore new skills, flow, technique and play inside our hoop. All classes will be multi-level.

Week One

Warm up: We are starting this month off with an on body warm up. Get ready to rock straight into it. Get ready to rock straight into the first warm up for this month, we are doing an on body warm up

Co-ordination: Working on mobility and focusing on the shoulders, we will explore how we can release built-up tension through our hoop practice.

Flow session: We are going to be working on a flow routine that is very soft that is great anytime during your hoop play to bring you back to centre.

Upper body flow: We are going to build on our upper body flow movement.

Cool down: Zoning in to the areas of tension in our body, this week we give our bodies a lovely soft, warm stretch out.

Week Two

Warm up: we are warming up all areas of our body that we normally wouldn’t focus on, getting ready for some new flow sessions. 

Coordination: We are getting our brain activated and our left and right-hand coordination flowing with breaks and hand hooping.

Flow session: In this weeks flow session we are going to be creating pathways for our hoop and allow our body to guide the hoop from space to space to create a sense of softness and buoyancy to your hoop. 

Transitions: We are going to work with some transitions from off body to on body shoulder hooping to promote balance between on body and off body work in our practice.

Cool down: Keeping it soft like last week we will use this time to stretch our body releasing tension that has been building up over the week.

Week Three

Warm up: In this warm up I’m inviting you to bring your own expression. We are will focus on one body part and dance from there to focus on a body part and dance from it.

Co-ordination: let's get our hoop dance on!  This week we are coordinating dance moves with simple hoop moves.

Flow practice: To practice flow we are going to start with just one simple trick, starting off really slow and moving towards fully embodying this trick and moving our body with it. Taking it really slow and start to fully embody and move with the hoop trick.

Flow session: Keeping it simple this week we will bring together much of the on body flow we have to practice, bringing our movement and our hoop tricks together.

Cool Down: We are stretching out our body by doing circles. We want to loosen up the body and release any tension in our body

Week Four

Warm up: for our final warm up of the month we are going to drop into an extensive on body warm up.  Allow yourself to tap into a flow with structure because flow does come from focus. 

Coordination: We are starting off this week’s coordination with trick restriction.  I am going to give you a hand placement and body movement and allow you to flow and move with it.

Flow variation: I am going to start you off with some folding tricks and allow you to choose the adventure you and the hoop will take from there.

Cool down:  It is the end of the month.  Time to enjoy a moment of meditation with a calm cool down.  You deserve it.

1 x monthly hoop playlist for your own practice

Hoops love music and I love creating playlists for you. I will personalize a playlist for this month that you can use in your practice times.

Course curriculum

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Hoop Flow Classes with Deanne Love 2018: Season 3