Hoop Flow Classes with Deanne Love 2018 Part 1

4 x weekly hoop flow classes | taught by Deanne Love

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Course description

Can't make it to hoop class? 
Need some new hoop inspiration? 
Love the way I break moves down and connect hoop flow? 
Need the momentum to find new movement and creativity with your hooping? 
Need more than tutorials and tips to piece your hooping together? 
Want to access hoop dance flow?

What is included in this month?

4 x weekly hoop flow classes with me (to stream or download)

Each week you will get a new hoop flow class with me, complete with warm-up, skill focus, flow sessions, play time and cool down. Yes, it is just like being in a  real class with me but you get to save on the airfares. 

Each week we will explore new skills, flow, technique and play inside our hoop. All classes will be multi-level.

Week One

Warm up:
We are asking the question “how am I feeling?” and getting our minds and our bodies ready for an increase in circulation to warm up those muscles and set the tone to a positive hoop workout.

Tap into your bodies rhythm to improve left and right balance while discovering your own style in breaks and reverses.

On body:
In this session we go back to the foundations of on body hooping, building strength in our core by activating our hips, belly and solar plexus.

Trick focus:
Not only are we learning to use a simple but effective folding move to bring our tricks together, but also together we will create some fun tricks to follow our transitions.

Exploring Newness:
It is time for a hoop hug. What do we normally do with this trick? In this session we will take notice and explore new ways to execute thus fun contact move.

Flow Session:
This week is a mini flow session. I will give you the beginning, take you to the edge and then it will be up to you to choose your adventure from there.

Cool Down:
A full body release to wrap up your first hoop dance flow class of the month.

Week Two

Warm up:
We start this week with an on body warm up, bringing our body and our mind into focus to begin our class in a state of flow.

Coordination Station:
We are using our brains full spectrum by practicing left and right-hand hooping and creating four point flowers.

Pathways help us to get from one trick to another seamlessly.  We are going make up some of our own pathways between two tricks we know, plus learn some new ones as we go.

Flow Sessions: 
Using the pathways, transitions and breaks learnt over the last two weeks we will create a flow movement that starts with waist hooping.  Allow me to break it right down for you so we can do it together.

Cool Down: 
This week’s cool down we are focusing on leg hooping but without our hoop, preparing our body’s memory for when leg hooping comes into our play.  Hooping involves balance, so we must practice and strengthen this by stretching out our legs, and the rest of our body

Week Three

Warm up: 
This week we are interpreting the question “what has changed” in our own way while enjoying a playful on body and off body warm up.

We are focussing on bringing balance and stillness together with movement and body rolls.

We all love isolation, This week I have three different isolations for you. We are going to push them out and get them flowing with some other funky hoop dance moves!

Spinning Stillness: 
We are looking at that sweet spot between spinning and stillness to create a new flow in isolation

 Cool down
We are coming back to the question “how are we feeling” and interrupting the question in a bunch of different ways. While Answering that question we are going to stretch out our shoulder, neck, and wrist.

Week Four

Warm up: 
We are moving our body and being courageous as we dive in and explore trick restriction.

Mandalas are great for left and right coordination, they feel good and look amazing.  They can make your brain fuzzy but once you get them, you won’t want to stop doing them.  This week’s coordination practice is all about the Mandala and its many variations.

On body movement: 
Manipulation of our hoop up can be a challenge for many.  This week we are tapping into our solar plexus to ignite the movement and get our hoop to our chest.

Flow session: 
I have 5 tricks for you this week.  Playing with our transitions we will explore our own way around each of these tricks, bringing them together or maybe something totally new arises!

Flow session x2: 
We have two flow sessions for you this week, how exciting!!  Flow session two explores variations of each of the previous 5 tricks and the transitions we have worked with.

Cool Down: 
You have all hooped really hard this month so let's end it with a full of breath, slow, breathing into and bringing awareness to our spine.

1 x monthly hoop playlist for your own practice

Hoops love music and I love creating playlists for you. I will personalize a playlist for this month that you can use in your practice times.

Deanne Love
Deanne Love
Hoop Dance Coach

Deanne Love has launched a global revolution inside the hula hoop. Hoopers from around the world tune in to learn from Deanne's fresh and passionately positive style of hoop dance instruction. The one time primary school teacher and creative founder of Hooplovers.tv shares high energy live and online classes, workshops and performance-based hoop education. Her mission is to inspire global beings to find their true potential through movement and self-expression via hoop dance.

Deanne Love's desire to connect adults and children through dance, music and fun fuelled the creation of international hoop community Hooplovers. She now inspires hundreds of movement entrepreneurs around the planet to find their own path as successful hoop dance instructors via her Hoop Love Coaching program.

Strong in the art of streamlined instruction and intuitive facilitation, Deanne turns up the volume on the "feel-good-factor" as a focus of success for all level of hooper. She shares hoop dance as a delicious hot pot of tricks, transitions and technique. Harnessing both the flavours of individual style and collective energy, Deanne supports group diversity and the exploration of unique hoop stardom in all of her facilitation.


OMG....thank goodness for you tube and finding you on the tube. It changed my LIFE!!!! You are such an inspiration for me and flow hooping. You are the BEST. - Sherri ★★★★★
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I too, am a new hooper and you are my Hooping Guru and the best online teacher. Your passion and energy are contagious. Thank you for all you do in sharing the Hoop Love xx - Jane ★★★★★
YES! I found you on youtube and haven't left since! LOL. You definitely are my inspiration! Thanks for all the love luv! You rock Deanne! - Marilyn ★★★★★
You're videos are what got me into hooping! Ive learned so much from your tutorials and I can't thank you enough for all the lovely advice and motivation you've given me even if you didn't know it! - Melissa ★★★★★
When i took up hooping you were the one to really open my eyes to how amazing it is and what it could really be! You are so positive and upbeat in every video and every time someone talks to me about a good ab workout i always refer them to your videos! Happy hooplovers forever! - Serena ★★★★★
You and your youtube videos are the only reason I can do more than a few things with my hula hoop. If it wasn't for your videos I would still be lost and trying to find something to fill the void left in my heart from dance (lower back injury at the age of 18 devastated me). Thank you to the end of the universe and back for all the love and support you put into your videos and everything you do. Your beautiful soul has inspired me and many others; and I'm absolutely sure that you will continue to inspire and connect people via your love for hula hooping, your boundless energy, and your kind spirit. Congratulations on your Youtube collaboration!! May you always be inspired and an inspiration! - kitty.hooper ★★★★★
Most of all I love your energy and vibe. I love that you focus on the health and spiritual benefits of hooping. I've had a lot of health issues and can't do a lot of traditional exercise. even yoga can be to strenuous. Hooping is perfect for my particular needs. You were the one who made me realize I didn't have to be "cool" to hoop. I realized I could find a deeper part of myself in the circle and that it wasn't all about performance or others' expectations, only me. Thank you!! I always give thanks to you in my mind when I hoop and think about your words, especially when I "mess up" or get out of flow. - Stacey ★★★★★
Your YouTube videos helped keep sane when working a crazy job in Spain. I absolutely love your style of teaching, I aspire to follow your footsteps and teach in NZ. - Lucy ★★★★★