About Hoop Flow Classes Season 6

Need some new hoop inspiration? 

Love the way I break moves down and connect hoop flow? 

Need the momentum to find new movement and creativity with your hooping? 

Need more than tutorials and tips to piece your hooping together? 

Want to access hoop dance flow?


Warm up

Let's start this year’s flow classes with on-body warm up to unlock our spinal energy.  As the spine is our stability, our trunk and our energy centre we want to start there first. This on-body warm-up will warm up our abs, heart and lungs.


Let's try some escalator variations for co-ordination station this week.

Connecting with contact points and intuitive flow.

Flow session 

A choose-your-own-adventure flow session. We flow through a sequence and land you in a common hoop position so you can expand on the flow session using your own tricks and style. 

There are a few fun escalator variations this week as well as a beautiful anti-spin flower for you to work on.


To finish let's open up and bring our posture into alignment in a shoulder and neck focused cooldown.


Warm up 

In this week's warm up we are bringing the connection, awareness and expansion of the breath up to the middle of the chest and focusing on warming up the upper body and shoulders.


Flipping, folding, rolling and creating mandalas. This week is off-body focused coordination.

Flow session

We flow from where we left off last week. This week includes a fluid variety of isolations, folds, rolls and funky transitions. We are not aiming for perfection we are connecting with flow, freedom and surrender. This week’s flow sequence is designed to allow you to open up to your own creativity.


Creating a gentle flow by moving the blood, energy and oxygen through our body with a full body but gentle stretch.


Warm up

Working on our left and right balance and balancing out the mind and body with upper body breaks and enforcing a rhythmic breath.


This week during our coordination focus we will work on the skills we use in the flow session, with a focus on left and right balance. Let’s strengthen our elbow hooping and passing.

Flow session

This week’s flow session is a cool combo of elbow passing, mandala flow, folding, escalators and flowing on body transition. We break it down step by step and then flow it through.

Cool down

Our bodies might be feeling tight, let's release the build-up of tension and relax in a fluid movement full body stretch.


Warm up 

This week is an on-body, waist hooping focused warm-up where we are playing with the pace of our hoop.


We start with a focus on left and right balance and coordination with upper body breaks; exploring a range of variations for any level. Then we explore the floating angel wing transition to master going from chest contact float to shoulder hooping, upper body breaks or the vortex off.

Flow session

This week we combine all of the past flow sessions to create one longer choreography giving you access to a huge variety of on and off body moves and transitions. You will be floating through time and space with our hoops. 

Using the flow session sequences from our other classes we are going to put them together to create flow with the two sequences.

Cool down

Let's bring some rhythmic breath into our bodies with a soft full body stretch.


  • Is this a monthly subscription?

    A. No. You can purchase 1 month of Hoop Flow Classes (4 x classes, 1 playlist) before the start of each month for $19. Once the month has started, the Hoop Flow Class pack will go to the regular price of $37.

  • Do I get to keep the classes?

    Yes, once you have purchased the Hoop Flow Class Pack of your choice it will belong to you and stay in your Hooplovers.tv dashboard for you to watch and hoop along with any time you like

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About this course

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Hoop Flow Classes

Season 6

“If you've been hesitant on taking Deanne's classes, take the leap! For an insanely affordable price, you get 4 classes in a month around an hour each, a LIVE Q&A with Deanne and a killer Spotify playlist. Every week you learn coordination, balance and moves you thought you could never do. It's a perfect blend of on and off body hooping. My favorite part is how she breaks down a move. No matter what level you are at in hooping, you'll find a new way to incorporate it into your flow or a way to utilize that move. It's incredible! Who knew barrel rolls could be so complex and fun! I'll be taking her classes for as long as she gives them, for sure.”

“I can't get to an actual hoop class right now and they are perfect for me. The pace is perfect, and I love the classes are inclusive for hooper's of many different levels. As someone who just started hooping three months ago, I am often overwhelmed by all there is to learn and I feel like these classes keep me centered and focused on some good hooping skills. I feel that WHO you learn from is important and Deanne is my favourite to learn hooping from, as not only is she a wonderful teacher, she is also a very inspiring, encouraging and supportive person. I love these classes, and always look forward to a new one each week!”

“Deanne Love is the BEST! Her classes are so fun and inspiring! We get to learn something new each week and focus on different areas each week. It’s also very relaxed and at your own pace, which is perfect for everyone!! It feels like you’re in the actual class with Deanne, who is so sweet, and a great teacher! If you’re a hooper looking for more fun ways to hoop, take this class!!”