About this course

“You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

The 30 Day Hoop Love Your Body Reboot is a movement practice program designed by Deanne Love that combines hoop drills, interval training, flow time and PLAY!

Join hoopers and movers from around the globe for a 30 day reboot created to support you to be more confident, creative, carefree, coordinated and connected.

Course curriculum

    1. Before you get started : Important

    2. What is the Hoop Love Your Body Daily plan?

    3. Using a Timer

    4. Tabata Style Workouts

    5. Hoops & Stuff

    6. Hoop Love Your Body Story (A personal one; it might resonate with you)

    1. How to Get Ready

    1. Hoop Love Your Body Workout

    2. HLYB Workout Video - On Body Drill 1

    3. HLYB Workout Video - Active Isolations

    4. HLYB Workout Video - On Body Waist + Steps

    5. HLYB Workout Ideas

    6. Hoop Love Your Body Pop Workout

    7. But I hate squats : Squat Tabata Workouts

    8. Favourite Squats and Squat Variations

    9. Jump Rope for Heart

    10. How to get 10 000 Steps Everyday

    11. Flow

    12. PLAY

    1. 30 Day Calendar : How to Use it

    2. Example Calendar : 1 Rest Day

    3. Example Calendar : 2 Rest Days

    4. Goals Calendar

    5. DIY Calendar

    6. Record Calendar

    1. Tracking your awesomeness

About this course

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