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Access flow, deepen your practice, stay in motion, move with freedom

Dive into the wisdom of your body

The Flow Body is a monthly container for us to move/hoop/play in connection with community, the medicine of movement and the cycles of the Moon.

Are you craving a way to reconnect with your body and full expression? 

Do you want to move with a natural ease and unique flow?

Are you feeling disconnected from your practice & the cycles of nature?

Are you searching for a supportive container to reflect, play, hoop and move your body?

Are you ready to support your nervous system and nourish yourself with movement and play?

Each month that you join the Flow Body you will be invited to 4 movement classes:

1. New Moon circle: bring your hoops, journals and readiness to move. We will be setting our intentions, sharpening our clarity & moving creatively. You will be guided through tricks, sequences, hoop technique and playtime.

2. First Quarter Moon Non-linear Movement Class: a somatic practice aimed at soothing the nervous system, identifying emotions & creating connection between the body and mind. 

3. Full Moon circle: we will hoop, dance and play to release and recenter.

4. Third Quarter Moon Non-linear Movement Class: each class will be different but will center around release, calling in or moving what you're feeling.

You will receive invitations to the live sessions on Zoom and the recording if you cannot make it to the live time.

Each month we will be working with different moves, energies and embodiment. 

The New Moon and Full Moon circles will be a mixture of hooping, movement and reflection.

The Non-Linear Movement classes will be guided on a Yoga mat or comfortable space on the floor.

Each month will be completely unique. You will have access for the entire month.

Awakening your flow body is for you if:

What are the benefits of hooping, ecstatic movement & non-linear classes?

  • naturally reduce stress responses in the body

  • strengthen your hooping flow and unlock your unique movement style

  • help deepen your sleep

  • invite more play and movement into your life for strength, fitness and mobility

  • help with focus, concentration and relaxation

  • build confidence & boost creativity

  • create meaningful connections

  • alleviate brain-fog

  • regulate your nervous system

  • learn new movement patterns and feel a deeper sense of connection with your hoop/flow/practice

May Flow Body Sessions

What you will receive in the month of May 2022

  • New Moon May 1

    New Moon Online Live Hoop Workshop/Circle invitation + recording

    Melbourne | Sun May 1 | 10am
    Los Angeles | Sat April 30 | 5pm
    London | Sun May 1 | 1am
    Auckland | Sun May 1 | 12 noon

  • First Quarter May 8

    Non-linear Movement Class Live Invitation + recording

    Melbourne | Sun May 8 | 10am
    Los Angeles | Sat May 7 | 5pm
    London | Sun May 8 | 1am
    Auckland | Sun May 8 | 12 noon

  • Full Moon May 15

    Full Moon Online Live Hoop Workshop/Circle + recording

    Melbourne | Sun May 15 | 10am
    Los Angeles | Sat May 14 | 5pm
    London | Sun May 15 | 1am
    Auckland | Sun May 15 | 12 noon

  • Third Quarter May 22

    Non-linear Movement Class Live Invitation + recording

    Melbourne | Sun May 22 | 10am
    Los Angeles | Sat May 21 | 5pm
    London | Sun May 22 | 1am
    Auckland | Sun May 8 | 12 noon

  • Playlists

    New Moon & Full Moon Playlist for your own practice

hoop, move, reflect & connect in community

Each month that you join The Flow Body you will be invited to

  • New moon & Full Moon hoop movement workshop with reflection circle (live & recorded for you)

  • 1st Quarter & 3rd Quarter Non- linear Movement class (live & recorded for you)

  • New Moon and Full Moon playlists

What can you expect to experience:

You will be guided through a range of ways to move with and without a hoop.

  • Guided movement activities with and without a hoop, to build flow, strength and stamina

  • Improved balance, coordination and tricks/moves/transitions

  • Nervous system regulation. Flowing movements to help align and sooth you.

  • Hooping and movement techniques

  • Greater self-awareness and improved confidence in the way you uniquely move

  • Extended moments of flow and playful expression

  • Relaxation, release, reflection

  • 7 core embodiment techniques in moving meditations

  • The Non-linear Movement Method

  • Tools to improve your hooping, mobility, embodiment & somatic release

Why are we moving with the Moon?

support | stability | connection | focus

Life can feel like it is moving fast and in all different directions. The phases of the Moon are consistent, bringing presence and guidance to our lives.

Moving with the Moon brings focus, intention, energy and creation.

Each New Moon (the beginning of each cycle) we will set intentions and wishes. We will hoop, dance, move this into action as a collective group.

Each month will bring a new energy and focus to move with. Each Full Moon we will acknowledge what is coming up, what can be surrendered and move what we are feeling.

During the 1st & 3rd Quarter Non-linear Movement classes you simply have time to sooth your system, receive guidance and support through gentle movement. Moving with the Moon is a powerful way to invite mindful movement and focus into your life.

The Flow Body is a culmination of decades of movement practice and teaching

Deanne Love

Flow is something we often search for but it is not outside of us. It resides within the practice. The Flow Body (a monthly offering) is a combination of essential practices that I have studied and deepened over the past two decades as a teacher, hooper, and flow enthusiast.

The practices and techniques that I will share in the The Flow Body sessions are the foundation and expansion of my own movement flow, hooping expression and life in motion.


  • Do I need to know how to hoop or dance?

    No, you will be guided through movement and hooping practices. This is a time for you to feel supported as you express. The New & Full Moon classes will be hoop focussed and the Non-linear classes will not use a hoop (you will need a yoga mat) Bring any hoops, props that you want to play with.

  • What if I cannot make it to the live circles on the new moon and full moon?

    They will be recorded for you to use at a time that is right for you. Recommend that you practice with them in the energy of the New Moon or Full Moon...so around a similar time to make the most of that powerful time of the month.

  • I an not into astrology or anything spiritual, will this be ok for me?

    The Flow Body Sessions are not essentially focused on any form of spirituality or beliefs. This is a monthly practice based on cycles that occur naturally. We use the Moon as a guidance just as we use a calendar. These are movement classes.

  • What will happen in the classes?

    Each month that you choose to join The Flow Body you will be invited to a New Moon and Full Moon online hoop circle/workshop.

    These circles will be much like a movement class or workshop. There will be an amazing playlist to guide your movement, expression, hooping, playtime. We will explore a range of moves, tricks, techniques.

    The New Moon Circle will focus on setting intentions, goals, wishes and focus for the month. We will use movement to set up for vision for the month. The Full Moon will be working with moving our feelings, releasing obstacles, reflecting and letting go. Each time will be uniquely different but you will be guided and supported.

    There will be time for connection with others but it is not essential, if you choose to keep your camera off that is absolutely valid.

    During the 1st & 3rd Quarter Non-linear Movement classes you will do your practice on a Yoga Mat, with your camera off. You will be guided with music and my voice. It is a moving meditation for soothing your nervous system and releasing tension or unwanted stress. There is nothing you need to know or do before coming to class.

  • Can I just come for one month and see if it is helpful to me?

    Yes, absolutely. You can come anytime you like. The cut off for sign-up is the 1st of each month. Once you sign up for the month you will be sent all of the details, information and access to everything for the month.

  • Will this only happen for 1 month?

    You are signing up for 1 month now, but if you choose to join us next month that would be incredible!
    The Flow Body will run for 12 months and you can choose which months you join. I highly recommend a full year cycle. Imagine the shifts you will feel after just 1 year of deep practice and play.

    Each month you will be invited to join Moon Moves before the 1st so that you can enjoy the New Moon, 1st Quarter, Full Moon & 3rd Quarter classes.

    This is not a subscription. You will sign up and pay per month. You will have access to all of the classes for the month you have paid. The classes are time sensitive and it is highly recommended that if you miss the live session you make time to practice the recording with 48 hours of receiving it.

  • Will I get recordings?

    Yes you will however I highly recommend that you use the recording within 48-72hours of receiving it so that you can stay in the rhythm of the month.

    Unlike other Hooplovers courses you will not have unlimited access to these classes after the month is completed, so that we can stay in flow together.
    The Flow Body is about connecting more deeply to your practice and self-care in rhythm with nature and cycles, so I recommend you do the classes on or around the same date that they go live. Create space in your schedule for about 90mintes each week.