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Choose a live time that works for you | Workshop 1 & 2 will be a similar journey offered at different times for hoopers all around the world


    June 4 | 11 am | Brisbane, Australia
    June 4 | 11am | Melbourne
    June 4 | 1 pm | Auckland
    June 3 | 6 pm | San Francisco
    June 3 | 10 pm | Rio de Janeiro
    June 3 | 7 pm | Mexico City

    90 minute live interactive workshop


    June 4 | 6 pm | Brisbane, Australia
    June 4 | 6 pm | Melbourne
    June 4| 10 am | Berlin
    June 4 | 9 am| London
    June 4 | 1:30 pm | New Dehli

    90 minute live interactive workshop


    Receive the professional recording emailed to you within 24 hours. Unlimited access to experience the workshop in your own time.

EMBODY is a guided full-body hooping workshop

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are feeling stuck in a hoop rut, ready to reconnect with flow and freedom

  • You want to feel inspired to move and dance inside your hoop while building your hooping skills

  • You are craving a deeper connection with your body and your hoop; activating smooth and creative upper body, waist/hip & leg hooping. Full body freedom

  • You have been comparing yourself to other hoopers and feeling distant from your own unique expression

  • You have been "getting in your head" about hoop tricks and feeling blocked

  • You have not felt inspired by waist/hip/shoulder/leg hooping recently. You find yourself hooping on one spot without any full body flow and expression

  • You want start this new cycle off feeling in flow, motivated and activated

  • You haven't been making space for hoop play and pleasure. Your hoops have been collecting dust or you have told yourself you don't have time to play

  • You are feeling blocks or limitations around your body and your expression

  • You want to experience smooth, flowing full body movement and expression

Immerse yourself deep in hooping flow

Allow yourself to be guided by music, movement, embodiment and the rhythm of your hoop

EMBODY is a guided full-body hooping experience using the gateways of music and embodiment to amplify your connection with flow and expression. Move through various tricks and technique to drop into a sustained practice in your most authentic movements.

Whether you hoop for fun, fitness, freedom or healing, this workshop is created to amplify your hoop skills, body intelligence and flow technique.

Experience new freedom to move and play inside your hoop. Master the coordination and connection that fully embodied hooping offers. Allow yourself to unfurl from the blocks and limitations you have around your flow and your body. Connect with yourself and others as you move deeper into flow on all parts of your body from the floor to your neck and back down again.

Challenge yourself to move in new and flowing patterns of freedom. EMBODY what it means to be YOU. Let's move together.

About your EMBODY workshop

  • Is this workshop OK for beginners?

    Yes! This workshop is for all levels. You will be guided to explore On Body techniques and tricks as a way of unlocking flow. We will be exploring waist, hip, chest, shoulder and leg hooping as well as a range of embodiment techniques to help you feel connected to your movement. This workshop will be a powerful support if you are just learning these tricks as you will experience an extended flow practice with music and guidance.

  • What hoop should I bring?

    This is an On Body hoop experience, so bring any hoops you feel comfortable playing with on your waist, shoulders, legs. You can play with a range of sizes and weights if you have them.

    If you are a total beginner it is recommended to start with a hoop diameter measuring from the floor to your belly button (or larger)

    The larger your hoop the more space you have for freedom, dance and play.

  • Can I get a recording if I cannot make it to the live event?

    Yes! You will be emailed a professional recording of the workshop within 24 hours. You will have unlimited access and and use the workshop at your own pace.

  • What can I expect from the EMBODY Workshop? Will I learn skills?

    This workshop is a guided hooping experience to take you from your head down into your body. We will flow through a series of embodiment and hoop techniques designed to support you to express freely while connecting with your hoop and hoop tricks (on body).

    You can expect to feel empowered by movement and inspired by the wide variety of activities.

    Yes you will also learn on-body skills, you will be guided to hoop on all parts of your body and stay in sustained practice to improve your skills.

    You will be guided by Deanne Love's instruction as well as a playful and energising playlist that will take you on a journey of flow.

    Some activities will request you to connect with other hoopers in the online live experience, this is optional.

    EMBODY will have you feeling more inspired and connected with your hooping and your body. The perfect way to kick start your year.

  • Can I have access to the playlist for my own playtime?

    Yes! Absolutely. The playlist will be linked in your workshop information.

  • How will I access this workshop.

    The live workshop will be on Zoom. You will receive the Zoom links with your workshop information package when you sign up.

    If you want to access the recording after the workshop you will receive an email with links and will have unlimited access via your dashboard.

  • Who will be the instructor?

    Your EMBODY workshop will be guided by Deanne Love.

    Deanne Love has launched a global revolution inside the hula hoop. For more than a decade hoopers around the globe have been tuning in to learn from Deanne’s fresh and passionately positive style of hoop dance instruction.

    Creative founder of, Deanne shares high energy live and online classes, workshops and hoop teacher education.

    You can find hundreds of hoop tutorials taught by Deanne Love on YouTube and

  • How much is this workshop and what do I get?

    EMBODY is $23 AUD (Australian Dollars) that is approximately $15 USD and will be converted at the time of checkout via the secure online payment system.

    You will receive an invitation to the live online workshop. This will be offered at 2 time slots for hoopers in various time zones. The live workshop will run for approximately 90 minutes.

    You will also receive a recording of the live workshop that you will have unlimited access to.

  • What are the benefits of on body hooping?

    On body hooping is a full body workout & form of expression that activates a state of flow & therefore offers the benefits of :
    soothing your nervous system
    building strength and stamina in your body
    improving your cardiovascular fitness and health
    improving your mobility and flexibility
    supporting your posture
    boosting your mood
    providing a creative outlet
    connecting you to like-minded community
    improving your focus

"How do you move like that?" "You make it look so easy" "I wish I could make it so smooth and flowing"

I commonly get these kind of (wonderful) comments when I share videos of my on body hooping. The secret to smooth, flowing, on body hooping is sustained, playful, immersive practice (and some expert guidance 🤗 )

IN-BODY is an immersive experience guided by music and instruction to activate your connection and body intelligence. Inspiring, ecstatic, rhythmic movements that make space for full expression. A journey towards switching off your overactive mind and tuning up your body voice. Sooth your nervous system, smooth out your hooping and feel the ripple effect of this connection.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to EMBODY

    1. Your Zoom invitations

    2. EMBODY recording

    1. EMBODY playlist

About this course

  • $23.00
  • 4 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content