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This 4 week series is perfect for you if...

  • You thrive with live feedback and real time support

  • You want to feel free and expressive while hooping through creative tricks, transitions and technique

  • You would like to unlock total body freedom and feel more confidence with your hoop

  • You have been playing with a range of tricks and want more creative ways to transition them together for flow and fun

  • Want to have some hoop fun while growing your skills in a class atmosphere

  • Have been learning from tutorials and courses and want the extra support that live classes bring

Flowing tricks together to build hoop confidence and creativity

Get expert guidance, trouble shooting and support

Creative Combos will gift you with a huge variety of combinations and sequences to flow with your hoop. We will be exploring off body, on body, transitions, techniques.

If you have been learning from online tutorials and need some live, real-time support to take your hooping skills next level then this 4 week course is for you.

This live hoop class series will be focussed on blending tricks and transitions for flow and creativity.

Open to all levels we will build a huge range of sequences that include a variety of playful ways to move from one tricks to the next gracefully and with intention.

You can then blend these Creative Combos to make longer choreographies or alter the sequences to create unlimited ways to flow tricks together.

Each week, for 4 weeks, you will be invited to a 1 hour live (and recorded if you miss it) hoop class plus a bonus 30 minute trouble shooting session. Building on your skills each week.  

You can ask questions and get feedback to really enhance your hooping flow and freedom.

Each class will include a warm up, trick learning, technique, flow sessions (putting tricks together), playtime and cool down PLUS a live trouble shooting session so you can ask any questions and get live, expert feedback. 

Join live each week or check in with the recording

Please check your time zone below (Classes are on a Thursday in Australia/Sth Hemisphere which is Wednesday night in US/Canada/South Americas region)

  • Week 1 | Live or Recorded

    Feb 22 | Melbourne | 11am
    Feb 21 | New York | 7pm
    Feb 21 | Vancouver | 4pm
    Feb 22| Auckland | 1pm
    Feb 21Feb 28 | Rio de Janeiro | 9pm

  • Week 2 | Live or Recorded

    Feb 29 | Melbourne | 11am
    Feb 28 | New York | 7pm
    Feb 28 | Vancouver | 4pm
    Feb 29 | Auckland | 1pm
    Feb 28 | Rio de Janeiro | 9pm

  • Week 3 | Live or Recorded

    March 7 | Melbourne | 11am
    March 6 | New York | 7pm
    March 6 | Vancouver | 4pm
    March 7 | Auckland | 1pm
    March 6 | Rio de Janeiro | 9pm

  • Week 4 | Live or Recorded

    March 14 | Melbourne | 11am
    March 13 | New York | 7pm
    March 13 | Vancouver | 4pm
    March 14 | Auckland | 1pm
    March 13 | Rio de Janeiro | 9pm


    After each class there will be a 30 minute trouble shooting session. You can ask questions and get live feedback to help you unlock what you are working on.


    You will find a recording of the weekly classes on your dashboard within 24 hours of the weekly class ending.

What's included?

  • 4 x weekly live hoop classes with Deanne Love. Delivered via Zoom.

  • Recording of session for each week so you can practice at home or in case you miss a live class

  • BONUS trouble shooting session each week to support you to move through any blocks.

  • Home practice tips for each week


  • How long is each class?

    There are 4 weeks of live classes. Each class is 1 hour PLUS a 30 minute trouble shooting session.

    If you miss a class you will find a recording on your dashboard within 24 hours.

  • What is $88 AUD

    AUD is Australian dollars. It will be safely and securely converted at the time of purchase. $88AUD at the time of writing this is approximately $57 USD or $54 euro.

    It is $88 AUD for the 4 live classes and recordings. This is not per class, it is for the entire course.

  • What will I learn?

    Each class will be a series of creative combos that combine tricks, transitions and technique to build connection and confidence with your hoop flow

    These classes are suited to all levels, hoopers who are curious about activating new movement, hoopers who are working to unlock flow.

  • What hoops do I need?

    You will need a hoop that you can comfortably spin on your hand, hold in your hand, move on and off body.

    If you do not have any hoops the best thing to do is find a hoop maker in your area and talk to them about your hooping needs, they will be able to offer you the most accurate advice and create something that is suited to your needs.

  • Get in touch

    If you have other questions about the classes please get in touch before Feb 22

    hello at

  • How will I access the classes?

    When you enrol in the course you will have access to 4 weekly Zoom links. You can access the class each week for the 4 weeks via Zoom.

    The recordings will be on your dashboard within 24 hours of each class.

  • Update your Zoom

    Classes will be live on Zoom so please be sure to update your Zoom. Test your speakers or headphones before class to make sure you can access the best sound possible.

Course curriculum

    1. Zoom invite Week 1 Live

    2. Week 1

    1. Zoom invite Week 2 Live

    2. Week 2 Recording

    1. Zoom link Week 3 Live

    2. Week 3 recording

    1. Zoom link Week 4 Live

    2. Week 4 Recording

About this course

  • $88.00
  • 8 lessons
  • 14 hours of video content