About Hoop Dance Flow Season 4


Need some new hoop inspiration?
Love the way I break moves down and connect hoop flow?
Need the momentum to find new movement and creativity with your hooping?
Need more than tutorials and tips to piece your hooping together?
Want to access hoop dance flow?

What is included in this month?

Week one

Warm up: let's drop into our body and start off with some waist hooping.

Coordination: Reaching for the sky…. we are bringing our hoop up and letting it drop down to the ground with escalator breaks and escalator back frame.

Flow Session:  This week’s flow session is a routine that focuses on transitions between on and off body hooping.

Quick Tricks: Here are some fun little tricks that you can pop into your hoop dance session to mix things up.

Cool down: let's shake out our whole body and stretch out our body for a full body release.

Week two

Warm up: This week’s warm-up invites you to have some fun with one trick I am going to give you.  We will explore this trick, move and flow around it and of course, we will take some time to give a body a nice stretch out.

Flow session: So, we love body rolls. But from what move do we transition into them.  This week’s flow session will give you some ideas.

Quick tricks: We are adding onto the fun tricks we did last week to add to your repertoire

Cool down: a full body release to wrap up week two of this month.

Week three

Warm up: We are connecting with the earth and with the flow between you and the hoop to embrace the trust that we are focusing on in this class. We are finding our centre as we warm up our body and lighten up our mind.

Foot work combos: we are going to jump in with some mini flow combos that focus on foot work

Flow session: Bringing all those flow moves together it is time to create a fun flow session!

Cool downThis week we are doing seated stretches for a well-deserved stretch of our whole body

Week four

Warm up: To start off our final class of the month we are asking the question “is this flow?” while we practice body hooping.
Putting effort into c station I am focusing on stamina effort and energy into my body, focus on it by focusing on muscles or focusing on the body parts that manipulate the body. isolations build pattern and repetition.

Coordination: We are jumping in to isolations to build patterns and repetition, placing effort and focus into the muscles that are used to manipulate the hoop.

Flow session: Playing with on and off body flow we are going to create a little challenge. Hopefully, you will discover an ecstatic beautiful expression of you within it.

Cool down: our body might be feeling a little tight, so we are going to relax and stretch out our beautiful bodies.

Join me for Hoop Flow Classes Online


4 x weekly hoop flow classes with me (to stream or download)

Each week you will get a new hoop flow class with me, complete with warm-up, skill focus, flow sessions, play time and cool down. Yes, it is just like being in a  real class with me but you get to save on the airfares. 

Each week we will explore new skills, flow, technique and play inside our hoop. All classes will be multi-level.

1 x monthly hoop playlist for your own practice

Hoops love music and I love creating playlists for you. I will personalize a playlist for this month that you can use in your practice times.


Q. Is this a monthly subscription? 

A. No. You can purchase 1 month of Hoop Flow Classes (4 x classes, 1 x live q&a, 1 playlist) before the start of each month for $19. Once the month has started,  the Hoop Flow Class pack will go to the regular price of $37. 

Q.Do I get to keep the classes?  

A. Yes, once you have purchased the Hoop Flow Class Pack of your choice it will belong to you and stay in your Hooplovers.tv dashboard for you to watch and hoop along with any time you like.

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Hoop Flow Classes with Deanne Love : Season 4

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