Your Path to Somatic Release and Flow State Activation

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and embodied expression? 

The Flow Body 360 Invitations Guide Book + Playlist - your ultimate companion for unleashing the power of creative movement and free flow writing.

Inside this transformative guide book, you'll discover 360 invitations meticulously crafted to ignite your senses and awaken your innermost self. Whether you're seeking somatic release, personal inquiry, or a deep dive into states of flow, these invitations serve as your gateway to a world of boundless exploration.

360 Invitations
Daily Activations for Flow

become unstuck and find freedom in your movement, writing and flow

  • Are you are looking for a creative or emotional outlet?

  • Looking for greater well-being through self-expression?

  • Desiring to build a self practice that supports you in all areas of your life?

  • Seeking inspiration for flow, creativity, writing and self-inquiry?

  • Wanting to bring new depth and awareness to your hooping, movement & flow?

how to use the 360 invitations for flow, somatic release and self inquiry

Using these 360 invitation is about building a practice. A time and space with yourself daily (or every other day). You can use the invitations in multiple ways:

Morning movement: Start (or end) each day by selecting an invitation, randomly or sequentially. Press play on the 360 playlist, select the random shuffle mode to allow the songs to guide you intuitively. Allow 3 songs to play. The first song is a gentle warm up of freestyle movement in response to the invitation, the second song is a time for writing reflection in response to the invitation or what has come up during movement, and the third song is back into moving meditation for deeper connection with your physical body, your breath body, your feeling body, your wisdom body and your flow body.  This regular practice not only helps in maintaining consistency but also prepares the body and mind for the day ahead, potentially leading to more frequent flow states.

Movement Work Breaks: Use the 360 invitations as short, regular breaks during work or long periods of inactivity. Select an invitation, randomly or sequentially. Press play on the 360 playlist, select the random shuffle mode to allow the songs to guide you intuitively. Choose 1 song to move and write to. This not only helps in somatic release, reducing the tension and stiffness from prolonged sitting, but also rejuvenates the mind.

Flow Movement Journal: Keep a journal where you document your experiences with different invitations. Note the feelings, challenges, and breakthroughs with each session. Over time, this journal can become a guide to understanding your inner landscape, creativity, relfections and entering flow states. It also serves to track your progress and maintain consistency in your practice.

What is included in your 360 Interactive Guidebook ?

  • Downloadable & Printable 40 Page Guide Book

  • 360 unique flow & creativity prompts

  • A synchronised playlist for the 360 prompts

Course curriculum

    1. Download your 360 workbook

    2. WEEKLY 360 CHECK IN

    3. Exploring the 360 Prompts

    4. How to use the 360 Prompts

    5. How to move through blocks

    6. Integrating the Practice

    1. 360 Playlist | How to use this playlist

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