Movement is medicine

You are invited to 30 days of hoop flow
Bring your self, your hoop, your curiosity
Learn a new Flow Session (hoop sequence) every day

Daily hoop tutorial, playlist and focus

You will receive a new Hoop Flow Session (sequence of tricks) tutorial everyday  to inspire your practice plus a playlist for your own playtime.

You can download the 30 Day In Flow calendar plus use the daily reflection prompts, movement prompts and playlist to support your practice.

30 days in flow is all about deepening your practice and connection. Plus you will learn 30 new sequences.

Flow into a practice of daily hoop movement

  • Deepen your practice

    You will receive a daily hoop sequence tutorial and playlist. Learn tricks, transitions and technique each day. These are created to help us connect and become aware of the benefits & shifts regular practice can have. Let's share the expansion in and out of the hoop.

  • All levels

    You are invited to this journey. All levels are welcome.

    Each day will focus on different tricks, transitions and technique. This is created for you. Complete beginner to advanced. If you have a body, you are invited. I will be guiding you daily with a focus, movement prompts and music.

  • In flow

    Flow is a practice and these daily Hoop Flow Sessions (sequences) are created to support you as a gateway to moving your body into flow.
    Each day you will receive a new hoop tutorial and a playlist. All you have to do is show up for yourself and play, explore, move.

What you get...

You are supported to nourish your nervous system, feel into moving freedom and become unstuck

  • Daily tutorial, playlist and other prompts. I will share the daily focus and how you can integrate it in to your practice.

  • A chance to learn new combinations, transitions and creativity with your hoop.

  • Daily playlist. Each day of the 30 days in flow will have a fresh focus and a new playlist for you.

  • An opportunity to deepen your practice and feel the benefits in and out of the hoop.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome | Devotion to play

    2. Welcome to your 30 days in flow

    1. Day 1 Arrive: Tutorial | Playlist | Prompts

    2. Day 2 Connect: Tutorial | Playlist | Prompts

    3. Day 3 Soften: Tutorial | Playlist | Prompts

    4. Day 4 Open: Tutorial | Playlist | Prompts

    5. Day 5 Uplift: Tutorial | Playlist | Prompts

    6. Day 6 Release: Tutorial | Playlist | Prompts

    7. Day 7 Explore: Tutorial | Playlist | Prompts

    8. Day 8 Disrupt: Message & playlist

    9. Day 9 Curious: Message & playlist

    10. Day 10 Nourish: Playlist & message

    11. Day 11 Joy: Message & playlist

    12. Day 12 Anchor: Message & playlist

    13. Day 13 Feel: Message & playlist

    14. Day 14 Focus: Message & playlist

    15. Day 15 Trust Message & playlist

    16. Day 16 Deepen Message + Playlist

    17. Day 17 Flight message and playlist

    18. Day 18 Space: Message & playlist

    19. Day 19 PLAY: message & playlist

    20. Day 20 STRONG: message & playlist

    21. Day 21 SENSE: Message & playlist

    22. Day 22 WATER: Message & playlist

    23. Day 23 REPECT Message & playlist

    24. DAY 24 ACKNOWLEDGE Message and playlist

    25. DAY 25 INVITE message & playlist

    26. DAY 26 CREATE message & playlist

    27. DAY 27 REST message & playlist

    28. DAY 28 ALIGN message and playlist

    29. DAY 29 ACCEPT message & playlist

    30. DAY 30 CELEBRATE

    1. 30 days in flow calendar PDF

About this course

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  • 33 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content