About March 2018 Hoop Love Coach training

What if you could have the most fun job in the world?
One that changes lives, brings joy and keeps both you and your students fit & healthy?

Take your dreams of becoming an inspiring, confident and skilled hoop teacher and turn them into a reality with the help of Deanne Love, Hoop Love Coach Training and a supportive team of Hoop Love Coaches from around the world.

Whether you want to teach hoop dance for the love of it, for some extra income or to make it your career; Hoop Love Coach training gives you all the tools and supports you need to grow your hoop community and prosper as an inspired and confident hoop dance instructor.

To decide if this comprehensive, online training is right for you please watch the video above. I outline the entire training for you. Then scroll down to find more information, FAQ, meet some other Hoop Love Coaches, see the full curriculum and find payment plan details at the bottom.

In this training you will learn how to :

  • Create your own unique hoop dance classes, workshops, and events
  • See teaching hoop dance as an art form and a lucrative career option
  • Skyrocket your confidence
  • Transform your lifestyle
  • Create your vision and make it a reality
  • Tap into your unique talents and use them to your advantage
  • Sharpen your leadership skills
  • Support students of all levels and age groups
  • Kickstart or strengthen your journey as a HOOP LOVE COACH
  • Bring joy and energy to every hoop dance gathering
  • Master the foundations of the HOOPLOVERS Beginners & Beyond tricks, transitions, and techniques
  • Learn the tricks of the hoop making trade
  • Enhance your intuitive teaching skills for multi-skill guidance
  • Understand how to create abundance in your life

The HOOP LOVE COACH training is the most comprehensive, practical, affordable and love-filled train