15 Hoop Dance Moves Your Body Will Love

Unlock your free hooping workshop and learn to dance with freedom and flow inside your hoop.

Your free online workshop with Deanne Love includes:

  • 15 Moves Your Body Will Love hoopspiration video 
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  • information on hoop sizes 
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  • access to the free 7 Day waist hooping challenge

The 15 Hoop Moves Your Body Will Love video was created to share some hoop goals. 

These moves are not the easiest of all the hooping moves but are powerful targets to reach in any hoopers journey. 

The road to nailing these 15 moves is a progressive one that varies for everyone. These 15 moves will definitely unlock new strength, movement, creativity and alignment with Deanne Love guiding you step by step. 

  1. Use this hoopspiration video and 15 mini lessons as a guide. 
  2. Give yourself hoop play time 3 - 5 times per week. 
  3. Get yourself an adult size hoop. 
  4. Use the other Hooplovers online workshops or YouTube tutorials for extra support. Enjoy!

Hooping has fast become a worldwide dance and workout trend with adults turning to hooping for fun, fitness and lifestyle shifts. 

Hoop dance is the ultimate playful past time that has the added benefit of completely realigning and toning the whole body. 

The hoop is no longer just a kid's toy or reserved for highly trained circus stars, people from all over the world of all ages are becoming "hoopers".

One of the most exciting elements of hooping is it never gets boring, it is easy to dance, workout and have fun for hours a week and there is always something new to learn and work towards. 

From beginner to advanced moves, hooping is the "sneaky workout" because even though it is a full body toning, core strengthening and cardio workout it feels like pure fun!

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction: Before you begin this workshop

    2. 15 Moves Your Body Will Love - Hoopspiration Video

    3. FAQ : Hooping & Hula Hoops

    4. FREE 7 Day Waist Hooping Challenge

    5. A quick message from Deanne Love : Let's connect

    6. What size should I buy?

    1. 1. Body Roll Video

    2. Extra Body Roll tutorial

    1. 2. Isolations Video

    2. More isolation variations and tutorials for you

    1. 3. Shoulder Hooping Video

    2. Join the 21 Day Shoulder Hooping Challenge

    1. 4. Mandala Video

    2. More Mandala tutorials

    1. 5. Transitions-on-off Video

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