About 14 Day Twin Hoop Challenge

Welcome to the 14 day Twin Hoop Challenge. Check out all the details below and then click the enroll button above the video if you would like to join me for 14 days to :

  • Reshape your body, realign your posture
  • Gain control and strength of your hooping
  • Build core awareness and hoop fitness
  • Give yourself a fun cardio workout
  • Burn calories faster the fun way!

Every day for 14 days you will get a quick 1-2 minute lesson on the move of the day then we will do a 1 minute drill together. You can find a schedule of the daily moves below.

You will need two hoops. They will need to be similar in size. Please warm up every day so that your body is ready for the daily workout.

You will also get access to a rocking playlist and many other hoop tutorials to make you a stronger, more coordinated being.

I will share my top tips on where to get the