A hoop workshop that goes beyond tricks and transitions to explore the many facets of hooping technique

This workshop will support you to unlock your unique and creative expression with a hoop.

Hooping Technique is not an "advanced" workshop
It is an in-depth one.

Are you ready to take a deep dive into your fullest expression with a hoop?

Hooping has three major elements.

Tricks - the pieces that make up the puzzle

Transitions - the glue that combines the pieces together

TECHNIQUE - the energy, imagery, space, timing, emotion and expression that gives hooping a continuous life of it's own.

When we explore and unlock the variety of hooping techniques we add a whole new layer of impact, connection and unique style to our hoop movement.

The technique is what gives your hooping life and energy. Techniques allow you to MOVE WHAT YOU ARE FEELING rather than just going through a series of motions.

In this workshop, we will explore 7 hooping techniques that ignite new energy in the way you move and feel with a hoop.

Let's play with 7 expressive & creative techniques to use while hooping

This workshop will guide you through each technique so that you can layer them onto your tricks & transitions. Make your hooping come alive!

Ideal for all hoopers excited to bring new energy to their playtime, performance or teaching

All levels welcome. These techniques can be applied to all hooping styles/levels. Whether you a waist-only hooper or have hundreds of tricks in your practice.

  • We will explore each of the techniques in the workshop and you will get a bonus class break down of each technique.

  • We will experiment with each technique. You can use the practical examples and play to amplify your unique style and bring new energy to your hooping.

  • You will receive a playlist of music for each of the techniques to use in your playtime to further explore the technique.

What's included?

  • Workshop

    Grab your hoop and immerse yourself in this Hooping Technique workshop anytime, anywhere. You will be guided through the 7 techniques.

  • Bonus class

    To supplement the workshop you will receive a bonus class outlining each of the hooping techniques and how to use them in your hooping to bring new energy and style.

  • Playlists

    You will also receive 7 playlists. One for each technique that we will explore. These playlists will support you during your own practice and playtime to embody the techniques.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Hooping Technique workshop

    1. Hooping Technique Workshop

    1. Bonus Video

    1. 7 hooping technique playlists

About this course

  • $11.00
  • 4 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content